Right, running late this month which I apologise for but it’s exam time which means study.

Self-inflicted and so terribly sensible and responsible I know but it has to be done. But a reprieve from all that by spending some time settling down to discuss with you the upcoming goodness in this month’s Previews for comics releasing in August.

In addition to the titles I’ve already highlighted on the webpage/blog, there are a few other titles worth pointing out:

Angel and Faith – The Buffy juggernaut rolls on. This follows on from the comic event that was Buffy Season 8. And just wait till September when Season 9 starts…..

Oh, and a new True Blood mini-series starts this month too from IDW if you like your vampire action a little edgier.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (On-going series) – Cowabunga dudes! Kevin Eastman is back with the turtles he created and made famous. This new series from IDW promises to be in the darker, harder-edged vein that Eastman and co. originally wrote these comics in . All the old crew sounds like they’re along for the new ride, April, Master Splinter etc. So, dust of your half shell and brush up on your pizza scoffing skills.

Warehouse 13 (#1 of 5) This TV show has a growing fan base and is now a legitimate hit. Of course, that means it now deserves its own comic mini-series! Dealing with ancient artifacts, mystical powers and nefarious sinister characters bent on world domination and other devious agendas, this mini-series opens with the appearance of sink-holes in Rio de Janeiro that are not natural. Warehouse 13 shows on the Syfy channel in the states. If you like the X-Files, Fringe etc. this might appeal.

Bionic Man #1 – Must be a retro month! Another blast from the past jumps into the 21st century. Now no doubt worth more than a poultry six millions dollars, Steve Austin is being brought to you via Dynamite Entertainment with none other than Kevin Smith on writing duties. I wonder if he is testing the waters for a possible re-launch of the franchise for either a movie debut or TV series? The Bionic Woman TV series of a few years back wasn’t terrible but didn’t hit the mark enough to stick around. It will be interesting to watch what Kevin does with this property.

GON graphic Novel (Kodansha Edition) – Ahh Gon. I fondly remember reading these back at Bag End. They have been out of print for a while but now here’s your chance to get some Gon action. It’s manga but wordless which makes it so accessible. Gon is a crazy, miniature dinosaur with a massive attitude and just as well as he’s survived to be a relic out of time. The adventures he has are hilarious and I remember laughing out loud which to me is impressive for a static medium to evoke that reaction. I trust I’ll still find this a great read so I’ll be getting a copy myself. Aside for yourself, this is a great introduction to comics if you’re trying to introduce someone who doesn’t like the standard heroic fare or licensed offerings. This is different but different can be good. I personally think this is great. Check out more info here.

Family Guy – Well, it had to happen when you as popular as this cartoon TV family has become.

 If you love the TV series, you’ll likely want to see how the adventures in comic form stack up.

Don’t forget to check out the main publisher’s releases, Marvel (Punisher, Ultimate Comics, Mystic), DC (Flashpoint rolls on towards a new era for DC!), Image (Bomb Queen, The Infinite, Deadlands). All great stuff.

Orders will officially close on Tuesday 28 June but we’ll no doubt talk before then.
before then