The ‘new’ Superman?  Have a closer look at this image (reported to be the cover to Superman #1) and you’ll notice some changes.  An ‘armoured’ look, particularly the lower legs, the S is slightly modified and, most notably, the red underpants are missing!

This adds support to the speculation that one very influential reason for the ‘restart’ is to let DC Entertainment reinvent characters that they are soon to lose copyright over, particularly Superman.

Have a closer look at this image though.  Is it Superman rising from the ashes like a proverbial phoenix?  Is he  saving the world (or at least the Daily Planet? once again?  He looks to me as though he’s getting his heat vision amped up so I wonder if he’s not in fact trashing things, and about to wield the Daily Planet globe as a weapon.  This being the case, is this really Superman?  Ahh, who knows but its something to talk/discuss/ignore till September rolls around and all that was old is new again (or something like that).  Check out the full article over here at Robot 6.