Ah hullo!, and welcome to another edition of “oooh, say tell me what’s coming out a bit later in the year”!  Glad you asked, for here I will now tell you such secrets as to blow your 4 coloured mind and perhaps a sock if you’re lucky.

Marvel’s August releases are ripe for the pickings of something that’s worth a look or two.  So, enough babbling, boot up some Talking Heads (I personally recommend Wild Wild Life) and get stuck in to the highlights below, then come back up to here and read the full listing over at CBR.

ULTIMATE COMICS ULTIMATES #1 – Could this be the Ultimate comic?  Unlikely, but a jolly good effort Mr Johnathan “Maybe I’m really Geoff Johns” Hickman.  The Ultimate universe roles on, and this should be a significant chapter with the Ultimates on the back foot out of the gate.

Also look for Ultimate Hawkeye back in black and bad ass-ness.  This is a four-part mini-series that will also be a corner- stone event in the W, that’s double U, UU, Ultimate Universe, ah forget it, go play on the road.

THE PUNISHER #1 – And so begin another Punisher series, which isn’t a criticism, just an observation.  It’s been a bit harder for Frank to jump to the silver screen as the audience just hasn’t been so receptive (though that last effort was Viola Violento! Brilliant) yet the comic market can’t get enough of Frank’s natural justice.

So starts this series from hard-ass writer Greg Rucker which should be interesting what he does with ol’ skull torso.  If nothing else, enjoy the hypnotic effect of that cover, of that cover, of that….. quack quack

MYSTIC #1 (of 4) – The return of another Crossgen classic (and hopefully a return on investment aye Marvel!)  Reimagined for today, and given life in the pages of this new mini-series.  Take two orphans, add magic and pit them against each other as saviour and destroyer of the world respectively.

Looks like a starter for Vertigo fans and those wanting something less spandex-y.

SPIDER-ISLAND: – If the new Spidey event of everyone being granted Spider-man-like powers on Manhattan Island interests you, then there are three tie ins you’ll want to check out, THE AMAZING SPIDER-GIRL , DEADLY HANDS OF KUNG FU and CLOAK & DAGGER.

 All are three part mini-series.

I’ll be back with a the monthly Previews email in a few days.  Till then, enjoy!