Image I believe are really getting back on track with a really diverse range of quality titles.  Apart from Spawn and Walking Dead, many are not really that well-known but there is some great looking titles in their stable at the moment.  Make sure you take a bit of time to read over the full release info here at CBR, you might be surprised by what you find.

Here’s a some highlights as I saw them…

THE INFINITE #1 – Billed as Image’s Gem of the Month, don’t let the anatomically impossible Rob Liefeld cover (yes, he’s still at it) put you off.  This is written by Robert ‘Walking Dead’ Kirkman and is based on a hero from a failed future who must go back in time to work with a younger self to prevent that future.  Hmm, a time paradox, I’m sure Kirkman will have a plan for that.  Anyway, anything that comes out of the mind that made Zombies relevant on TV of today has got to be worth taking a closer look at.

BOMB QUEEN VII #1 (of 4) – Arguably a contender for the hottest villainess in comics (Hmm, the White Queen in Grant Morrison’s run on New X-Men is up there too…).

If you haven’t come across Bomb Queen, go here for the lowdown.  If you like you comics different, and perhaps a bit of spice, this might be for you.

DEADLANDS: DEATH WAS SILENT (ONE-SHOT) – Western, Horror and a bit of Steampunk, all mixed up together.  Yum.  This combination is what first made Deadlands so popular when it was originally released as a role playing game with a 19th century American setting.  This is the third one shot that has helped satisfy the demand for stories based in this setting.   If you like your western with a bit of weird mixed with awesome then you’ll not go far wrong taking a look at this.

So don’t short-change yourself, do check out the full listings for Image’s August releases.  There is a lot of great short series on the go as well as their long-term licences such as The Darkness and Spawn.  Keep an eye on The Red Wing too, sounds good.  Enjoy!