Alrighty, a huge month this coming May. There really is a lot of stuff to highlight and its mainly all comics this month.

There’ll be some stuff in here, aside from your regular fixes, that I think you’ll want to look at more closely.  Right, straight into it:

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Vol.3 Century #2 1969: A sure fire hit. If you don’t know who Alan Moore is or what the League is about, check out all you need to know here and then come back and put your orders in.

Duke Nukem – Glorious Bastards: The Duke is really back if he’s in his very first comic, a four part mini-series. This sees the Duke go up against Natzee UFO’s and space pigs and fratenising with a French spy-babe, The French Tickler. No idea on what to expect beyond that but at worst, it’ll be some good Duke humor and lots of over the top violence.

Dollshouse: Epitaphs #1 (of 5): Following on from the recent one-shot, this follows directly on continuing the tale of survivors takin g up arms against Rossum. The writers of the TV series Dollshouse are on-board for this including Jed Whedon. No doubt if you’ve enjoyed the series, and the recent one-shot you won’t of wanted the ride to end, so here’s your chance to jump on board for more.

Conan the Barbarian: The Mask of Acheron (One shot): An adaption of the upcoming movie that reboots this franchise. To be honest, I’m not expecting to be impressed having grown up on Schwarnegger’s Conan, but perhaps I’ll be surprised. Crom!

Rachel Rising: A new ongoing series from Terry Moore who wrote the brilliant drama Strangers in Paradise. This time he’s going for a supernatural thriller and I’d put good virtual money on this being a damn fine read given his talent for story pacing and structure as well as creating genuinely interesting characters.

Victorian Secret – Girls of Steampunk (One shot): A bit of a piss take on the Glamour catalogues, this treat from Antarctic Press will put a spin on each of the ‘models’ having each one showing of a fine range of steam punk outfits. Contributing writer/artist is Ben Dunn who brought you Warrior Nun Areala. Sergio Aragone’s Funnies – If you’ve ever read Mad magazine, you know his work, the king of ‘margin’ cartoons and other brilliant works.

Robocop/Terminator: Kill Human: So, Robocop has been in a coma, and wakes in a future where humanity has all but been wiped out by Skynet and the Terminators. Will Robocop display loyalty to the machines or his human side is the setup for this story.

Ok, lots for you to go through. Don’t forget to check out the website/blog for a highlight of the releases from DC and Marvel. Orders close on Tuesday 24 May. Any questions, drop me an email.