As with DC’s Flashpoint event, Marvel’s July releases are dominated by Fear Itself tie-ins.  That’s not necessarily a bad thing, just a lot to consider what you need vs what you’d like vs what you don’t really need or want.

Still, even with all the massive Fear Itself coverage, there are also some other awesome gems sitting in amongst July’s offerings and I’ll highlight these below.

Check out the rest here at CBR and enjoy taking some time out to read through it all and, accepting you don’t have to follow everything, remember just why you like comics so much.

GHOST RIDER #1 – Rev’ing up a new ride, Ghost Rider is back in the first full issue of this new series.

Spinning out of Fear Itself, the creative team are moving Johnny Blaze aside and giving the Spirit of Vengence a new host.  However, the biggest task will be making this 70’s driven concept relevant in today’s market.  The art looks good which will help sell the concept.

DISNEY • MUPPETS PRESENTS: MEET THE MUPPETS – Some properties are eternal, and the Muppets is definitely one of those.  For the kid in your life, or just your inner kid, this should be a nice change of pace and let you hang out for just a while with some old friends (Pigs in Space!!!)

Adding to the appeal of this is the author/writer is Roger Langridge, a New Zealander who’s done, and doing, some great work.  Go check out his website.

ULTIMATE FALLOUT #1-3 (OF 6) – Marvel have been building to a major event in the Ultimate universe and the climax of that event must have repercussions.   These will be dealt with in this mini-series.  They aren’t giving much away at this point other than the end will lead to a new beginning.  Given how popular the Ultimate universe has become, somewhat supported by synergies with some of the recent Marvel movies, the future of this ‘reality’ will be worth watching.

CAPTAIN AMERICA #1 – Steve Roger’s is back helming the series he owned for so long.  Ed Brubaker is on writing duties and I have no doubt he’ll take this flagship title for Marvel to places new and fresh and no doubt at times, dark.

The upcoming move is right around the corner and early rumours suggest it will be promising, so hopefully that bodes well for this new series.  So, sign up son for some guts and glory and good ol’ American can do!

RED SKULL #1 (of 5) – The Skull is a nasty piece of work, deserving of a right kick in the arse.  To better understand why he deserves as much, this mini-series will essentially lay out his origin.  Effectively his ‘birth’ comes during some of Europe’s darkest days with the rise of fascism in pre WWII Germany.  If you didn’t know already, Red Skull will feature as the villain in the upcoming Captain America movie.  Written by super Hulk scribe, Greg Pak.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #666 – An ominous number for Spidey?  Perhaps.  Marvel are promoting this issue as the start of a major new storyline which involves all residents of NYC having developed their own Spidey like powers.  Perhaps he creative team have been influenced by the Superman storyline a couple of years back where a whole lot of Kryptonians showed up on earth to make a new home.  At the least, the plotline will put the often maligned Clone story well and truly in the shadows.  So if you want to get on board, this is where is all begins.

When Marvel last relaunched Daredevil it was under the Marvel Knights banner (Joe Quesada was the writer in his pre-EIC role at Marvel) and it was up there with the best DD ever done.  So, can Marvel do it again?  Well they’ve brought on Mark Waid to craft ol’ Hornhead’s new adventures so I’m betting there’s a good chance it will be worth the price of admission.

Alright, there’s a lot more in there besides these highlights of mine, go check it out!