Sorry this is a few days late but I hope this finds you warm! I was having issues with picture uploads so I’ve left them off for this post. If you want more detail let me know and I”ll forward you the email with pictures included. Anyway, no better way to warm yourself, or at least your mind, with a read through the latest Previews and all the goodness it has to offer for June by which time it’ll be getting near the middle of our Winter. Attached is the Previews spread sheet that I’ve crafted for you to be easy to read. I’ve put a bit of attention into highlighting not only the main comic releases but also other merchandise of interest that’s simply just cool to own or even just look at.

Spaced Warped #1 (of 2) – Part of Boom! Studios kids line, this may still appeal to the kid in you. There’s no doubt it’s a piss take (they call it a loving, affectionate parody) but it will be in good taste given kids are one target audience. The art is very much stylised as you can see by the cover and the few sample pages I’ve seen it looks like fun. Not quite as hard core as your Robot Chicken parodies, but worth a look for two issues.

2012 Calendars – Yep, already. Some classics (Star Trek Ships of the Line) as well as newer licences True Blood and Batman: Arkham City. The Batman calendar will supposedly have a code for DLC for the game. Plenty of other licences too, have a look in the attached Previews spread sheet. If only the Mayan’s had made calendars like this back in the day, they’d never have stopped at 2012 and saved everyone a lot of unnecessary worry….

With the upcoming Green Lantern and Thor movies, there’ll be a ton of t-shirts, they symbol, movie stills etc. This silhouette release is one of the classier licenced T’s I’ve seen offered. Lots of great range, who couldn’t use a Dr Sheldon Cooper Super Villain T?

Star Wars Lightsabre Chopsticks – These come in sets of 2, you can choose from a range of hilts (Vader’s, Luke’s, Yoda’s etc.) No previous Forks experience required.

Ghostbusters Cufflinks and Dr Who Adipose pen – Wear your geek love on your sleeve, lower sleeve that is with these very styley Ghostbusters logo cufflinks. Write about your geek love with a Dr Who Adipose pen. The Adipose ‘floats’ in a clear liquid in the top half of the pen sharft, just like those cheesy old souvineer pens relatives would bring you back from abroad when you were a youngin’. What’s an Adipose? The cutest blob of fat you’ll ever see!

The Batman flashdrive range. Bit expensive (US$25 each) for a 4 GB storage device but holy file corruption, they look awesome.

Ok, a quick recap of what I highlighted in previous posts late last month;

DC – Flashpoint, flashpoint and more flashpoint. You may have noticed that it’s almost all about Flashpoint and given the scale and scope that this event will have on the DC Universe, it’s probably fair enough. Also, the last Absolute Sandman HC – Vol.5

Marvel – The return of Alpha Flight, Wolverine takes on the Marvel Universe, new kids on the block take the name The Mystery Men, cute Hulk Sized Mini Hulks, Ka-zar swings back into the picture, and Ghost Rider rides again…

DC and IDW – Catch the Hellbound Train, and get the story behind the in-game stories with Rage and Cyrsis tie-ins

Image – Image were late with their soliciations for their June releases so I haven’t covered them till now. However, they have some really interesting titles coming up; 50 Girls 50 by Frank Cho (Liberty Meadows), Trailblazer, Shinku (Ron Marz) and Witch Doctor all look worth a closer look. Check out the full Image listings for June here at CBR.

Order for the June Previews officialy close on Tuesday April 26.

Any pricing or product queries, just drop me an email. I’ll normally able to reply immediately because, I don’t know about you, but I hate waiting for answers 