July.  It will still be cold but I suspect not so cold as to need to burn your comics!  Instead, there’ll be lots more to add to your shelves.  July sees the Flashpoint juggernaut roll on and, between it and the wrap up of War of the Green Lanterns, these events dominate DC’s release schedule.  Still, there are some other good titles if you look closer here….

WAR OF THE GREEN LANTERNS: AFTERMATH #1  This is the shakedown.  If you want to know the state of play with the Lanterns, then this two parter will be the perfect point for illuminating the future for all things Lantern.

BOOSTER GOLD #46 – The first few Reign of Doomsday comics have only started coming through, and to be honest, they’re kind of hit and miss so far.  The Steel one shot which kicked things off was good, but the two subsequent issues have suffered a bit, as a monthly comic does, suddenly trying to fit in a new storyline mid-flight through another.  However, this in some way sells the sudden confusion Doomsday’s appearance is causing the DCU.  I think by the time the story hits the Superman titles, it will come into its own.   What I like about this Booster Gold issue is that it reunites Dan Jurgens with Doomsday, Dan being the man who “killed” Superman in Superman #75 (vol.2).  How will Dan handle Doomsday now?  And you’ll remember what happened to Booster Gold last time he and Doomsday went at it.  Messy.

DC RETROACTIVE: BATMAN – THE ‘70S #1DC are celebrating the flare of the 70’s.  Basically, DC have asked writers who worked in the 70’s to tell all new tales but based back in those days.  A reprint story by the same writer will follow the new tale letting you contrast how their writing style may have altered.  Len Wein returns to Batman, with untold Dennis O’Neil stories fronting the retroactive Wonder Woman and Green Lantern issues.  Check out the Superman, Justice League and Flash issues too.  All are one shots.

 SECRET SIX #35 – Back in 90’s, Bane followed Doomsday as the destroyer of DC’s other main man, Batman.  Fast forward and Bane has gone good and recently been behaving himself as part of the Secret Six.  Now though, his tormented mind is leading him back down the dark side of life.  I’m curious of the timing given Doomsday reappearance.  Are they going to play the same hand again with Bane getting ready to take his war back to Batman?  I’ve no idea at this point but a rampaging Bane sounds like fun.

MAD HARRY POTTER SPECIAL #1 – Sorry, no cover image available.  This is a collection of Mad’s previous Harry Potter piss-takes.  I have fond memories of these ‘homages’ to things such as Rocky, Star Wars and Indiana Jones.  So if you know a Harry Potter fan with a sense of humor, this might be a nice gift to help them as they both celebrate and grieve the final movie’s release.

ABSOLUTE EDITIONS – Many of the first runs of the Absolute editions have gone out of print.  If you never have bought one of these, they are well worth it. Essentially they take a popular collected story and print it on oversized paper with deluxe production touches including hard covers and slip cases.  I’ve personally bought the four volumes of Sandman and they are fantastic.  Sure they cost a fair bit but for any one of your most favourite storylines, they are well worth it and will handle being read and re-read for years to come.  Back in print is Kingdom Come, Watchmen and Batman: Hush.