These two publishers are great for providing you with comics that are a little different from what Marvel and DC specialise in, be it original or licensed material.  It’s always worth checking out their monthly release lists, even if you don’t typically buy stuff from them.  Only last month, IDW sprang new a Rocketeer mini series on us with an impressive creative team.   So check out the full June releases from Dark Horse and IDW over at CBR.  Alright, a couple of highlights…  


RAGE #1 (of 3) – Much is being made of this upcoming release from ID software.  To get us up to speed with the world of Rage, this mini-series should cover the how’s and why’s so you already have an ideal level of immersion when you start playing this game for the first time.  If Rage performs for them anything like Wolvenstein, Doom and Quake did, you can appreciate the world of Rage will be with us for some time and you can say you were there from the very beginning which will be this 3 part mini-series.  From DARK HORSE.

 Crysis # 1 (of 6) Another game tie-in (which are becoming more common and better in quality) for an eagerly awaited game releasing in the next couple of weeks.  This is written by one of the game’s senior script writer so it should really have the feel of the Crysis world and complement the game’s storyline nicely as it will fill in the story linking the first and second game.  From IDW


 That Hellbound Train #1 (of 3) – This is an adaption of a famous American folklore story that Robert Bloch won a Hugo for in 1959.   An interesting tale, one that not only entertains in a ‘twilight zone’ sort of fashion but also offers a lesson on ‘living for the moment’.  This should adapt well and add to the story-telling richness of your collection. From IDW.