The March Previews may signal the start of our Autumn, but there’s no sign of any wilting in the latest Previews. Let’s recap the big guns later, but for now there are a number of other highlights, worthy of your attention. There’s a definite ‘pulp’ theme to some of theme this month… great stuff.  



ROCKETEER ADVENTURES #1 – Now this is what comics are all about. Perhaps one of the most well-known pulp era homages makes a triumphant return. Dave Steven’s creation is being given new life with a creative team to rival that of any title put out by Marvel or DC. John Cassaday, Mike Allred, Kurt Busiek, Michael Kaluta with Alex Ross on cover duty for issue one. This mini-series should be a lot of fun – so if you ever played Rocket Ranger, loved the 80’s movie or are a fan of the original Rocketeer comics (which have now been collected in a beautiful edition) Flash Gordon or any pulp era heroes of yesteryear I’d advise you sign up for this. Also on offer is a reprint of the original Dave Steven’s Rocketeer #1 for only US$1 which has been re-mastered and re-coloured.


KIRBY: GENESIS #0 Alex Ross’ love for golden and silver age heroes is well-known (Marvels, Kingdom Come) and this time he’s turning his talents towards Jack Kirby’s creations. And this time he’s not alone, he’s drafted his Marvels collaborator Kurt Busiek. The story is based around the Earth receiving n answer to the Pioneer 10 space probe. But the answer isn’t one expected. Ross and Busiek are drawing on characters such as Captain Victory, Silver Star and other Kirby concepts that haven’t ever appeared in comics. This introductory #0 issue is only US$1 so good way to sample it and see why Kirby’s work still attracts the attention of both professionals and fans decades later. 


TOTAL RECALL (#1 OF 4) – Interesting concept which carries on the story where the movie finished. Issue #1 is on US$1.99 so again a nice intro price to take advantage of. Featuring the main character played famously by Arnold Schwarzenegger, this story looks at what happens when new enemies come to Mars and walking about is a mysterious stranger. 



Star Wars Silicon Trays – Awesome. As Carbonite Freezing isn’t particularly appetising, instead you can freeze Han in more socially acceptable H20 based ice (or cordial, or jelly or….). And don’t leave Han alone, freeze his little buddy R2D2 and throw them in your favourite drink! 



Neo-DC SYMBOL T-SHIRTS – These were seen recently in The Big Bang Theory and will proudly shout out your geek love.




Other T-shirts worth a look, Thundercats!, Nordic Thor and Punisher. Still with me?

Ok, a quick recap of the other big releases this month… Marvel – Moon Knight, Fear Itself continues (Marvel’s mega event series), Captain America mini series to give you background to the upcoming movie and a great Marvel Zombie Christmas yarn!

DC – Green Lantern movie tie-ins and Batman: Arkham City, a 4 issue mini-series to tie the first and second game together. Also, the Reign of Doomsday rumbles on…. For more details, check out the recent posts on the blog.

Orders for all this great stuff from the March Previews officially close Tuesday March 22nd