With post understandably taking a back seat to more important issues following the Christchurch quake, last week’s shipment was delayed.  However, I’d expect it to arrive early this coming week, along with another shipment with the Batman: Arkham Asylum wave 1 figures which will be a nice big bright spot in the working week.

You may have noticed that www.dunedincomics.co.nz has gone live as at this time is simply mirroring this blog.  Nice and simple to begin with, however it will grow over time and is just one of many cunning plans that are lined up for the weeks and months ahead to provide you with the experience you want.   Also, I’ll have a shipment of back issues arriving soon for those of you who’ve ordered, don’t forget you can let me know your back issue requests at any time, just drop me an email to discuss.    I’ll have a number of the classic and sought after Steampunk (Cliffhanger) issues in stock soon too, get in first if you’re after any of these!