It’s a mighty Marvel May.  The US spring will be kicking in as our Autumn colours begin to herald the coming of Winter.  Still, rainy days in with a favourite comic or ten is never a bad thing.  Marvel can provide you with comic piles of untold height to wade through on rainy days and stormy nights… particularly as the Fear event rolls on, and funnily enough a certain Asgardian God is in the thick of things, I wonder why his profile is so high right now?

 Full listing details over here at CBR.  On with some highlights:


FEAR ITSELF #2 (of 7) – The Asgardian Gods have left earth, Odin imprisoning Thor, The God of Fear is coming and what can the proud but mortal Avenger’s do?  It’s not too late to order up and catch issue #1 of this Marvel event for 2011.  Don’t forget it’s being penned by Matt Fraction (Thor, Incredible Iron Man) so you know you can set your expectations high for this one.  With so many of the recent Marvel events focusing on introspective views of these characters, it will be interesting to see how Fraction plays this one.  Either way, I’m willing to suggest it will be one to remember.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: FIRST VENGEANCE #1 & #2 (of 4) – Thor’s not the only Marvel hero getting his share of high profiling, Captain America too is beginning to bask in the main stream media coverage as well as a continued run of mini-series.  This one will, as with DC’s Green Lantern one-shots, act as  prequel to the movie and flesh out the back story of how’s and why’s so you can ideally appreciate the movie storyline all the more.  The creative team on his isn’t too shabby so you shouldn’t fear it not being worthwhile.


 MARVEL ZOMBIES CHRISTMAS CAROL #1 & #2 (of 5) – This one is definitely bizarre, and we love bizarre!  It’s fear to say that when the first Marvel Zombie mini-series debuted, it caught many by surprise, and has gone on to become favourite with further mini-series following.  But this?  Perhaps it’s inspired by the mash-up recently done with Pride and Prejudice.  Anyhow, it sounds like a brilliant twist on the classic Christmas tale.  And check out the cover, a fearly funny image of Zombies eating a portly Zombie.


MOON KNIGHT #1 – I well remember when Moon Knight arguably became a well known name because  super hot artist (in the 90’s at least) Stephen Platt burst on the scene with some striking art.  Probably fear to say folks bought it more for the art than the character or story but it got the character’s name out there.  Fast forward, and none other than Brian Michael Bendis is going to give ol’ Moony a reinvention and no doubt it will be worth keeping a look out for.  They’re not giving much away plot wise yet but that sure does look like Cap’s shield.


Don’t fear!  Plenty of time to get orders in with the March Previews releasing in a couple of weeks.