DC has found another gear for May.  As you’ll see below there is a lot going on, movie tie-ins, game tie-ins and just plain superhero comic awesomeness.  Hopefully there’s something for everyone and it’s a good chance to start building up your winter reading reserves!

Full details here at CBR.



GREEN LANTERN MOVIE PREQUELS – These one shots will focus on Hal Jordan, Tomar-Re, Abin Sur, Kilowog and Sinesetro, and their movements just up to the point the movie begins.  Interesting that there is no mention yet of a movie adaption, maybe its been admitted they’re too naff to bother with.   I think these may be worth a look as they’re being scripted by the movie’s creative team, including Geoff John’s on the Hal Jordan and Sinestro books.

GREEN LANTERN SUPER SPECTACULAR #1 – To get you up to speed, or just fill in an annoying gap in your collection, DC present a round-up of some key GL stories from over the years.  Some old and new stuff, a Darwyn Cook story from the GL Secret Files 2005 and an Alan Moore story from GL Corps Annual #2.  This should be worth it for those two stories alone. 



FLASHPOINT #1 – And so it begins!  Strap in for another Geoff John ride.  The approach is interesting, essentially its an altered time story where Barry Allen wakes into a very different universe to what he remembers, the questions start – who and why?  With a lot of ‘time’ related stories being crafted around the DCU over the last few years, it’ll be interesting to see how this enhances or perhaps even ignores some of what has come before.   No doubt as it starts with change it will ultimately end with change.  On the strength of what Geoff John has done to date, you can’t miss this. 

BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY #1-2 – The quality of production around the game Batman: Arkham Asylum is well known.  And it is expected this will only be raised when Batman: Arkham City is released later in the year.  So, the question is what happens in between those two games?  This 5 part mini-series will tell us which is a good move for a number of reasons.  One, it is written by Paul Dini, a man hugely familiar with Batman having penned many awesome stories in comics as well as the early 90’s Batman Animated series.  Second, this will allow the game to get right into it without having to spend time on bridging the gap.  Three, is more comics to look forward to owning!  Great cover too, and… is that a clue???

ACTION COMICS #901 – Back in the day, when Doomsday first arrived and sent Superman on his way, four new ‘Supermen’ materialised to fill the void.  As this second act of the Reign of Doomsday begins, these pretenders to the throne have now been sought out by Doomsday, and it appears they’ve fallen.  Will Superman fill the void?  If so this will be a nice mirroring of the original storyline.  This storyline has now started with the release of Steel #1.  Considering some of the dafter things they’ve done with Doomsday since his Doomsday Hunter/Prey, it looks as though this story may return his to his menacing best.  He’s evolved once again to mimic his opponents powers when battling them (at least with Steel anyhow) and isn’t burdened by being  genius with endless monologues.  Bring it on….