coverBy Odin!  Welcome to the February Previews update from Dunedin Comics! 

And so we come to this month’s offerings.  I’ve already covered DC (Action #900, Flashpoint and Doomsday), Marvel (Fear Itself event, Journey into Mystery and a new Thor series) and Dark Horse (the return of Dark Horse Presents!) further down on the blog, be sure to check the link for each publisher’s full listings on CBR.   So what else is there to highlight? 

 Well how about;

This extensive HC book contains surveys the breath of Moore’s work, from the high profile successes with mainstream publishers to that seen by only a few.  It will also cover his written work in other fields as well as his audio spoken and singing creations.    It come with a CD with excerpts of some of this audio work.  This by all accounts, should form nice companion piece to those of you who enjoy Moore’s particular style and have collected any of his works.

A prequel to the movie version of Planet of the Apes which deals with the Lawgiver.  Boom do a reasonable job with many of their licensed tie-ins, and no doubt they see increasing interest in this property with a new movie due out near the end of the year, ‘Rise of the Apes’.  Pass me a banana.



It’s 1968 and the zombie hordes are keeping the American forces in Vietnam bus….wait up, the what?  Yep, another mash up and this time its Zombies in Vietnam.  This 4 part mini-series titled ‘68 follows on from a popular one shot released a while back which posed a new threat in the Vietnam war.  This time the scope of the story is larger factoring in political and social upheaval consequences as the dead rise in the already unforgiving battlefield Vietnam had become for all.

Orders are due in by Tuesday 22 February 2011 so get choosing folks and have fun!