Back in the 90’s DC went on a rampage of killing or severely testing some of its best known characters in an effort to challenge what readers might accept (and sell a few million comics).  To top off Superman and Batman, they had to essentially create opposites of these heroes, that is they were equally capable yet their moral compass pointed the other way.  So Doomsday and Bane came to be and the rest is history.

I’ve always like the two characters, however as much fun as Doomsday is, to date, I believe the crafting of Bane has generally been better.  His back story was more palatable than Doomsday which, while entertaining, seemed  bit too contrived, essentially being a ‘kryptonian’ ancestor of Superman.  Mind you, DC did flirt with Bane and Bruce potentially being actual brothers but thankfully this was only a plot device to move Bane further to his new role of an actual Batman ally and hero in his own right. 

BaneJS.jpgOf course, most of us unfortunately know of the bungled effort to bring Bane to the big screen in the 1997 atrocity that was ‘Batman and Robin’Jeep Swenson certainly had the look for a juiced up Bane but sadly the character as written deflated Bane more so than any Venom could have countered. 

A glimmer of hope for Bane to shine on the silver screen is his inclusion as a main lead in Christopher Nolan’s third Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises.  It’ll be interesting to see whether Tom Hardy will play Bane in ‘normal’ mode as well as pumped on Venom or a muscular actor will take over such as they did in Batman and Robin.  With today’s technology, I’m picking they’ll do something fairly smart utilising CGI.  Also, will Bane be played as a typical Batman villain?  I hope they utilise the complexity of the character.

CBR has a nice overview piece on the character of Bane and the journey he’s been on since launching out of a one-shot many moons ago (I remember wisely choosing it off the shelf instead of Batman: Seduction of the Gun) to his current stint as leader of the Secret Six.  Go check it out and be ready to take on Bane come 2012.