Like Marvel, come April DC’s events for this year will be launching or already hitting their stride.  There’s Brightest Day reaching its climax, Flashpoint about to begin, Doomsday causing menace, War of the Green Lantern’s raging.  In short, just about every major DC character is caught up in some pretty epic story-telling.  It’s a great time to be, or getting onboard for the ride.

Check out CBR’s full coverage here.  Be sure to go through, there are some excellent releases aside from the spandex brigade’s antics well worth a look, one of which I’ve highlighted below…

ACTION COMICS #900 – Anniversary issues don’t come any bigger than this, the grand daddy of them all, Action Comics the longest running monthly periodical!  Superman has been absent from this title for a year so a great deal of fanfare is being made of his return to what is arguably his true ‘home’ in comics.  This issue promises to set up a major storyline coming mid year in the title.  I remember buying Action #700 (where did those years go?!), so here’s another opportunity to add an historical anniversary issue to your collection 🙂  Writer’s include David Goyer (The Dark Knight screenwriter), Richard Donner (Superman I and II) and Damon Lindelof (Lost – which will either excite you or make you roll your eyes) 

JLA 80-PAGE GIANT 2011 #1 – One shots are a fun way to get a dose of characters you might not follow on a regular basis.  Stand out with this giant is that Adam Glass, writer for TV’s Supernatural, is contributing to the fun.  Because of Eclipso’s return in JLA, DC’s is dishing up some battles against the DC universe’s darker forces.



BATMAN: HUSH UNWRAPPED DELUXE EDITION HC – For art lovers, this is a very nice sounding release as it will give you Jim Lee’s pencil art without inking or colouring.  If you’re a student of comics and/or a Jim Lee fan this will give you a chance to appreciate his work in the ‘raw’.  I’ve enjoyed looking at Alex Ross’ pencil work (Rough Justice) so I’d expect this will give a new experience given its presented in the context of the full Hush story. 

WE3 DELUXE EDITION HC – Want something a bit different but from a writer you know/trust?  This might be the ticket; basically three domestic pets have been weaponised in an experiment by the US government.   As they’ll be ‘decommissioned’ following tests, they escape to find a better life while still be highly dangerous.  A warped sounding story that only Grant Morrison could deliver on.