Marvel hits high gear in April with the start of its ‘event’ storyline ‘Fear’ which will take us through to the end of the year.  Marvel also sets up an interesting storyline using its annuals this year. 

The full details are here at CBR.  There’s plenty going on in the Ultimate Universe, with Captain America, a new Halo series and don’t forget the start of the new Fantastic Family title (was Fantastic Four) hitting #2 in April.  There’s still time to order #1.   In the meantime, get comfortable and let’s have a look at some in more detail…


FEAR ITSELF #1 (of 7) – So what makes this a big deal apart from simply being the central title of the event?  Well first off, Matt Fraction is writing it, super scribe of Invincible Iron Man and more recently Thor.  This guy is becoming to Marvel what Geoff John’s is for DC.   The storyline is going to pit the inhabitants of the Marvel universe against themselves in another upheaval, this time as a result of the meddling of the new Red Skull.  Any picks for who’s going to cark it during this event (if anyone)?  There are plenty of supporting titles and one-shot tie ins so check them all out if you’re interested in getting the whole story.

JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY #622 – Marvel re-launch the title that launched Thor.  Fear not, Thor is getting a new series (see below) but for now, this issue brings Loki back into the fore and appears to concentrate on Thor’s involvement with the Fear Itself event.



THE MIGHTY THOR #1 – This is a re-launch of the successful Thor series.  This new series by Matt Fraction charts a new storyline for the thunder god.  What’s cool about this issue is that it features the Silver Surfer who is still the herald of Galactus…. and it appears he’s hungry.



AMAZING SPIDER-MAN ANNUAL #38 – Annual’s can sometimes be fairly naff, basically just fillers with stories used to give lesser known writer’s some time to see if their stories strike cord with us.  What I like about this effort is that their is a concept to it, and it’ll tie into two other upcoming annuals.  Essentially Spidey is thrown into an alternate universe where Peter Parker is a billionaire playboy (sound familiar?) and Spidey is world famous and popular.  Hulk and Deadpool also get thrown into this alternate world and their respective annuals cover the story further over May and June.


So check it all out and let me know what to put you down for.