Alrighty then, there are a few interesting titles bolting out from the ‘Horse in April, no foolin’!  As always our friends over at CBR have posted the full listings which you can access here.





DARK HORSE PRESENTS #1 – Probably one of the most famous anthology titles of the modern age of comics is repackaged for today.  This 80 page giant may well live up to the hype with possibly something for almost all tastes, Concrete, Star Wars and  sneak look at Frank Miller’s upcoming Xerxes.  Pricy at a US$7.99 cover price but you’ll get a lot of story for your dollar.


HELLBOY: BUSTER OAKLEY GETS HIS WISH – A fun sounding Hellboy one-shot as it looks like ol’ red head is the victim of an alien abduction.  Apparently he’ll be fighting robots (giant variety), webbing and evil aliens (are they currently portrayed any other way – where’s ET when we need him!?).  Could be a winner, odds favourable, worth a punt.



THE STRANGE CASE OF MR. HYDE #1 (of 4) – I do like mash-ups (if you hadn’t noticed) be it historical, literary or a combination of the two, they hold a lot of promise and sometimes deliver!  Here’s another interesting proposition, to bring a halt to the rampage of the Ripper, the bobby’s let loose the only other mind that could possibly track him down, one Dr Jekyll!  This Victorian age romp mini-series will run for a very sensible 4 issues.


Take a look through the full listings and order now or when the February Previews is released… in February.