And what happier way to kick off the New Year than a new previews.  Feel welcome to request an electronic copy of the previews I’ve divided up a bit to make life easier to read through plus highlighted some titles of interest.


I didn’t highlight anything from Image’s January releases as there wasn’t much new of note, however it’s always worth having a look yourself at the full listing which you can find here at CBR.


Ok,  a couple of other titles that have caught my eye:


From Avatar Press – At some point, anyone not easily offended will probably have seen the 1970’s movie starring Malcolm McDowell.  It was notable for a marriage of talent from Hollywood and the porn industry to craft an explicitly engrossing tale of life in an ancient and brutal 37 AD Rome.  Likewise, this 6 part series is not going to be for the faint of heart, telling a very horror-fied account of the Caligula story, I believe no gory avenue will be left unexplored (if you’ve enjoyed any of David Laphams’ Crossed series, you’ll be salivating at this release!).  Not a great deal of factual accounts remain about the leader known as Caligula, so it will be interesting to see where Lapham goes with his contribution to Caligula’s legacy.



The Death of Zorro – Topps did some interesting Zorro comics in the 90s, particularly vs Dracula (I kid you not).  More lately, he has found a home at Dynamite Entertainment which has been well received.  This offering will see an older, retired Don Diego living out a peaceful life on his ranch.  Obviously, event occur which will have him don the batsu… the mask, hat and sword – one last time.  Fear not though, he will not go out alone, with the Lone Ranger literally along for the ride.


Don’t forget to check out the highlights and listing for the full DC and Marvel releases in recent posts on the blog.

And from the ‘still not too late to order from the December Previews’ file:

Amazing Spiderman 654 & 655 – Big changes promised for Spiderman!




The deadline for orders this month is Tuesday January 25.