Marvel’s full listings for March are up here at CBR, and like their rivals DC, they aren’t slowing down into the new year.  In my opinion this is a fairly huge month in terms of releases and events for Marvel.  If they keep this pace up over 2011 it’ll be interesting to see what state the various Marvel universes will be in by the end of it! 


VENOM #1 – It’s time for a new Venom series.  I’ve often questioned the over-exposure of Venom which really started in the early 90’s with the Lethal Protector mini-series and the Spiderman event Maximum Carnage  where Carnage was diluted as well.  Anyhow, fast forward and it’s probably time to have a fresh look at Venom and this series throws up an interesting premises whereby the US Military has got hold of the alien suit, and Marvel promise someone new in it.  That person is known in Spiderman’s world and will be revealed in an February issue of Ultimate Spiderman.

5 RONIN #1 – # 5 – Here’s something fresh, running over 5 week this mini-series sets five Marvel Heroes in a 17th century Japan where the drive for vengeance is a common emotion.  How will Wolverine, Hulk, Psylocke, Punisher and Deadpool fare in such a time?  This could be a quite a sleeper with a very strong creative team including cover work by David Mack (Kabuki) and Ed McGuiness.  Want something different but with familiar properties?  Then order up people!


SIGIL #1 (of 4) and RUSE #1 (of 4) In its day, publisher Crossgen became a powerful player in the comics industry tapping into the public’s whim at just the right time with the right talent.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t sustained (a whole other story in itself) and Crossgen disappeared almost as fast as it rose to lofty heights.  Its legacy is that a lot of popular properties were created such as Sigil, Ruse and many others.  The good news is that Marvel has recently acquired these properties and will launch them under an imprint appropriately titled Crossgen.  Mark Waid  returns to the Crossgen properties he helped direct and will be writing Ruse.

ULTIMATE COMICS SPIDER-MAN #155 and 156 – The ultimate universe event in the title that kicked off the Ultimate universe.  Mark Bagley is coming back to the title he helped become a surprise success (look up prices for issue #1 sometime) and I’m sure writer Brian Bendis won’t undercook this ‘death’ event.


                                                                                                                                                                                                              AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #656 and 657  – A new costume for Spiderman and a tie-in to the Fantastic Four event ‘3’ following the death of one of the Fantastic team in February’s issue (this event is getting mainstream media coverage – still time to order if you want the February issue). 



FF #1 – And speaking of Fantastic Four (no more?) Marvel charts a new direction for this property in FF which may well stand for ‘First Family’ of which the ‘Four’ are fondly known as.  2011 is obviously going to be a year of change for Marvel with big shake ups for Fantastic Four, DareDevil, Ultimate Spiderman and who knows who else…  Anyhow, this may prove one of the more pivotal issues for the Marvel universe released in the new year.


AGE OF X UNIVERSE #1 (of 2) – Hmmm, interesting as I’ve already mentioned previously this has a familiar feel to it and looks as though this will see the return of Onslaught.  A nice short two partner worth reading a bit more about in the full listings.



Feel free to send through your orders now, we’ll have another look at March releases when the January Previews is released next week.