Roll on March and here’s what DC has lined up as reported by CBR. 

By the time you read this, we’ll still be waiting on the January orders to begin shipping soon, so if you see a March title that’s already part way into a story line, it’s not too late to put in a late order for the January and February issues!  Specifically, theirs  War of Green Lanterns running through the various Green Lantern titles, Flash is heating up with Flashpoint and Doomsday is about to make his present felt in the DCU again, starting off in January’s Steel #1, February’s Outsiders issue and hitting the JLA in March.  Ok, a closer look if you please:

JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #55 – Not only is this the second part of the Eclipso storyline, but also another chapter in the return of Doomsday!




ACTION COMICS #899 – The lead-in to the anniversary issue of Action Comics #900 and it promises the return of a very important character… I wonder who.




OTHER LIVES TPB – This is fairly exciting as it’s a new trade paperback by Peter Bagge of Hate fame.  If you like your storytelling well crafted and maybe just slightly off the grid, Bagge’s work is well worth checking out.



Look out for more storylines to start amping up coming into the US’s spring/summer months.  In the meantime don’t forget to recheck the listings for January and February and make sure you’re on board for the start of some 2011’s biggest events.