It feels a bit crazy looking so far into 2011 when we haven’t yet done with Christmas 2010, but we’re used to that aren’t we 🙂  You can see here at CBR, the full listing for Dark Horse’s March 2011 releases.  Not a huge deal to highlight but I imagine Dark Horse will have some interesting projects in the wings and this will be another strong year from their stable. 



AXE COP: BAD GUY EARTH #1 (of 3) – This title is honestly new on me but it’s getting some relatively big press.  Sounds crazy enough to be run-away and likely coming to a silver screen near you in  year or so (my wild speculation only).  The concept is wild and from the mind of a six-year-old (his 30-year-old brother does the art!).  A cop with an axe and his Dinosaur sidekick kick arse and ask questions… if they want to.  The regular joe cops don’t appreciate the help and the fact they’re looking decidedly average.  Everyone is gunning for them until an extraterrestrial threat arises and the cop and his axe are all that stand in the way.


 CREEPY #5 – The return of a classic.  You like horror?  Then this for you, an anthology of tales to turn the blood cold.  Notable writers David Lapham (Stray Bullets) and Timothy Truman lend their writing prowess to this issue.



DOLLHOUSE: EPITAPHS – Joss Whedon has had great success managing the extension his successful properties beyond their TV life, that being Firefly/Serenity and Buffy.  Now Whedon focuses his attention to the critically acclaimed but short-lived Dollhouse.  This one-shot issue continues on from where the final episode left things and sets up the upcoming comic series. 



All this and much more will be available to order officially in a couple of weeks with the release of the January 2011 Previews.