Here we are, the final Previews wrap up for 2010, and it’s clear things are only heating up going into 2011. There wasn’t too much new to highlight specifically from Image and Dark Horse this month, but still take a look through their listings as they have many good mini-series and ongoing titles in full flight. From the two big guns, DC are going back to the well with Doomsday, Green Lantern and Flash continue to be massive hits under the direction of writer Geoff Johns, and their range of titles across the DCU, Vertigo, Wildstorm and kids lines has never been stronger. Marvel too are hitting winners everywhere, Matt Fraction continues to craft magic in Invincible Iron Man and Thor every month, Spider Man is setting up for some significant changes, and their range of novel adaptions also provides choice for readers

There are a few other titles worth a mention from this Previews;


SpongeBob Comics #1 – Seems SpongeBob has made it to the lofty heights of becoming part of the fabric of popular culture, I mean even Lego have done SpongeBob as a set. You know you’ve made it when you’ve been Lego-ised! I imagine kids will love this but it’s worth a look by the ‘suffering’ parents who’ve become fans of the sponge’s crazy antics. It features work by a number of creative talents from mainstream sources and the independent circuit. Jennifer Blood #1 –


Click image for larger version  Name:	Jennifer Blood #1 - Tim Bradstreet cover.jpg Views:	11 Size:	623.8 KB ID:	13313Jennifer Blood #1 – From Dynamite Comics who are also home to Garth Ennis’ other hit, The Boys, comes Ms Blood, suburban housewife by day, vigilante by night. I imagine Ennis has so much fun with his Punisher runs he had more material and ideas for the vigilante character than he had time to tell. No doubt Ms Blood will bring her own sensitivities to the vigilante game and that Ennis will cook up some bizarre and truly warped storylines and characters.



And last but not least, a new Bone novel will be released in 2011, Bone: Quest for the Spark.  That’s right a novel, not a graphic novel but it will feature illustrations by Smith.  Check out more details here at the official Jeff Smith website.  Always great to see more work in the world of the Bones.  




Ok, don’t forget to check out the various posts and links I’ve put up for the December Previews and have fun reading through what’s on offer.  Close off for orders is Wednesday 22 December.