After a quieter start, Marvel hits high gear come February.  Big changes are ahead in Spiderman, More adaptions from Orson Scott Card and Stephen King, and the events in the Ultimate universe and X-Men continue to heat up.  Also Marvel introduces ‘inbetweener’ issues (wish they were as funny as the TV show).  These Point One issues will squeeze in more story. 

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HALO: FALL OF REACH – COVENANT #1 Halo 3 may have signalled the end of the story as told by Bungie, but not so here.  Adapting the official prequel novel to Halo 3, this story continues to flesh out the Halo universe this time focusing on the Covenant and their battle with man.



CAPTAIN AMERICA #615 – This issues sees the conclusions of the trial of Cap.  Noteworthy as the ramifications of this will be seen throughout the core Marvel universe.  As well, they promise as much in the solicitation!




IRON MAN 2.0 #1 & #2 – This new title is spawn from the pages of Invincible Iron Man, one of Marvel’s hottest ongoing titles by Matt Fraction.  This new series will focus on James Rhodes, aka War Machine.  So if you want more Iron Man action, but another character this is for you.  It sound likes they are pitting Rhodes against terrorism in this first story arc.  So, as many modern armies face today, what do you do when you can’t simply target and engage your enemy with standard strategies?  You must evolve….



INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #500.1 – Marvel’s new ‘Point One’ issues which essentially let them work in an extra issue to help frame any significant upcoming story arc.  As far as I can tell these are full blown issues and not fillers or recaps.  I’ll update you if I find out different.

Also note that it looks as though marvel are taking Iron Man back to the original number as #501 also debuts this month which they’ve also done recently with Ultimate Spiderman.


AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #654 & 655 – Ok, fair warning Marvel are saying this will be huge for Spiderman, hugely huge.  What has become of the alien symbiote?  What changes are coming to Spiderman’s powers?  Sounds like an interesting ride and given what they’ve done with Cap and more recently Dare Devil, anything could be on the cards.  Note there is also a Point One issue for #654.