If DC fans thought it’d all be done in 2010, the plans for 2011 by DC look to shatter that.  We’ve got the Flash ‘Flashpoint’ event, the beginning of the DC Universe On-Line maxi-series event and oh, a little thing bubbling away called War of the Green Lanterns, set for a little later in the year.  As well Batman is back and Gotham isn’t going to be the same, and what’s in store for the big boy scout?  As well, DC continue to push boundaries with licence based comics and the more original Vertigo lines, truly something for almost everyone.

Check out the full details here at CBR and get ready to make your list!


DC UNIVERSE ONLINE LEGENDS #1-2 – It’s a 26 issue event that ties into the MMO game to be launched next year.  It sounds as though a fair bit of effort has been given to the story both for the game and the series.  Essentially the story will be told across two periods of time with Luthor at the centre of the chaos.  Starting in the present, Luthor gives effect to plan to destroy Superman while the future arc of the story deals with the fall out of his actions and how that future’s Luthor will deal with the apocalyptic fall out. 


OUTSIDERS #37 – Doomsday!  The Reign begins and that means destruction as Doomsday begins again down a path of destruction that DC promises will lead to a massive Summer (state-side) event.  This is striking parallels with the original Doomsday storyline where he first destroyed a number of lesser heroes before taking out Superman.  However, I’m confident DC wouldn’t simply mirror that storyline but bring some new twist to the table .  If you want to get on the ride , here’s where you want to get your ticket!


BATWOMAN #1 – Kate Kane is the new Batwoman and fandom has been letting DC know they wanted to see her in this new series.  The heroine will add depth to the new order in Gotham and will provide fans with a sophisticated title that will stand well on its own while complementing the other family of Bat titles nicely.



JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #54 – The return of Eclipso!  Remember the famous ‘black diamond’ cover from the 90’s?  This is possibly one of Eclipso’s most famous outings and one of the more bizarre gimmick covers DC did.  Anyway Eclipso is an interesting villainous character and has not been seen for a while so it is good to see Robinson returning him to the fore.



AARON AND AHMED HC – The tag line is ‘What causes Terrorism?”  This graphic novel charts the journey of a man who loses his fiancée in 911, becomes an interrogator at Guantanamo Bay to find the answers to ‘why’ but instead finds a man who will provide him answers but that will take him places he had not imagined.   The authors are award winners and have apparently crafted a very relevant if not uncomfortable story that may become required reading for anyone with an interest in geopolitics.  Well worth a look.