A quick post today on some various news bits worthy of mention:

  • The Walking Dead tv adaption (directed by Shawshank Redemption’s Frank Darabont) has been renewed for a second season.  Not bad considering only two episodes have aired (of six for the first season).  
  • Speaking of Walking Dead, do you have any of the early issues?  If so, time to sell up and pay down your mortgage! 🙂
  • Marvel are someone following DC plan to lower some price points.  They’ll be offering some new US$2.99 priced title into their line up.  Both companies have made these moves as trends suggest that the higher price of US$3.99 on regular titles was hurting people’s budgets so much, some were giving up on their comic altogether which isn’t good for anyone.  Let’s hope this gets those folk back in to helping generate an industry that many other mediums nowadays rely on so much for new ideas!
  • Will Spiderman ‘die’ in February 2011?  This doesn’t look promising for PP!

Enjoy all, new comics in next week!