A pretty solid Previews for November, lots of interesting titles on offer, many of which I’ve commented on over on the blog.  I’ve highlighted some titles of interest so tuck in and enjoy!  Some further things of interest to catch my eye:

IDW Publishing

Infestation  As you can see from the cover of the Previews, this is going to be one crazy crossover.  IDW have boxed fairly smart over the last few years picking up some decent licences to expand on with their own flare.  Jumping on to the bandwagon of whereby the world’s once again become obsessed with the classic ‘monsters’ (vampires, zombies etc) they are going to go the Zombie route.  What makes this series standout is they’ve got all the buy in to throw Zombies at every licence they own in one storyline!  Where else are you going to see Transformers, Star Trek, Ghostbusters, GI Joe in one storyline!  It’s enough to devour your brain.

Doctor Who #1 – A new Dr Who series from IDW – this time featuring the new Matt Smith incarnation of the Doctor. 

Dark Sun #1 (of 5) – A new miniseries based on this fondly remembered D&D campaign setting

Avatar Press

Alan Moore’s Writing for Comics – Though a reprint, this new edition provides access to a relatively rare piece on non-fiction work by Moore.  It’s essentially an essay he wrote back in the mid 80’s on his thoughts as to crafting a great tale.  In this edition, Moore also provides a new essay as to how his thoughts have evolved since he wrote that essay.  Good reading an insight into one of comics most gifted and polarising creators

DC Worthy of note is that DC comics have made a commercial decision to drop any current standard length 32 page on-going comics from US$3.99 to US$2.99.  This is a welcome trend as it is frustrating to see two regular comics of the same size cost differing amounts.  Of course annual, mini-series, specials etc may still be priced higher but this sits better now with this pricing correction.  Let’s hope Marvel take a leaf from this move.  Good on ya DC!

Orders for the November Previews officially close Thursday 25 November