Marvel kick of the new year in style, lots of releases here to check out as well as ongoing titles, and some mini-series mid-flight.  Good to see the novel adaptions continuing too, Dark Tower, Stand, Anna Rice, Orson Scott Card properties – all good for the comics industry. 

Check out the full listings here at CBR.  Ok, into the highlights we go…..



 AGE OF X: ALPHA #1 – I can’t help but think of Age of Apocalypse (which had an Alpha and Omega bookend issues) and I think that’s the ideaChris Bachalo is on cover duty and if I’m not mistaken he was a fan favourite X artist around the time of Age of Apocalypse so his cover work should look familiar to long time readers.  Not much else is given away yet by Marvel except that this is the ‘final’ war.  With the way the X titles have become so ‘varied’ as opposed to the 90’s where they had a very definite hierarchy, I’m not sure quite how this fits in as yet.  However, its one well worth considering.


ULTIMATE COMICS CAPTAIN AMERICA #1 (of 4) – Cap meets Cap!  The Ultimate Captain comes up against the Captain America of the Vietnam war.  Hmmm.  This won’t be the first storyline to have two captains of differing eras cross paths but it sounds like a good yarn and nicely contained to four issues.



CAPTAIN AMERICA: HAIL HYDRA #1 (of 5) – Can’t get enough Cap?  Here’s another mini-series for you to consider.  If you’re interested in Captain America’s classic villains, this series focuses on Hydra and will delve into their history.  It will also have a decent amount of guest appearances from other Marvel heavy hitters to prepare to kick back and enjoy the show.



INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #500 – Confused?  500 issues?  The game here is that this issue will deal with not only the ‘now’ for ol’ Iron head but also jump 70 years into his future to reveal three generations of Starks uniting to fight their ultimate nemesis.  For a future looking character, this glimpse into Iron Man’s future should set up some interesting storylines in the coming years for this title.



DAREDEVIL: REBORN #1 (of 4) – From out of the chaos of Shadowland comes a new Batm… nope I mean Daredevil.  The storyline sounds similar to the recent Return issues of Batman but this rebirth of Daredevil may be a bit darker in tone and his ‘redemption’ as Marvel put it may be some time in coming to pass.  This is a good jumping on point for those of you interested in this gritty Marvel character.



FANTASTIC FOUR #587 – No idea what’s the deal with this issue, but if this cover is any reflection of what might be coming for the Fantastic lot, it looks like they may meet their ‘Doom’… ahh ok that was a bad crack.  Regardless, it look ominous and might be worth a look.



MAGNETO #1 – I was tempted to skip highlighting this one but it is worth it for a few reasons.  One, it’s a one-shot.  Two, it will tell the story of a young Magneto, an area not often covered.  Three, it’s written by Howard Chaykin which surprised me but I’m sure it will be welcome by the fan base Chaykin has.  Check it out.



There’s also lot’s of other fairly interesting releases, both new and ongoing in the full release schedule, be sure to spend some time having a good look through it.  All these will be available to order in a week’s time when the November Previews is released.