Yep, 2011 – Happy New Year!  Wait, bit early aren’t we, though with Christmas ‘stuff’ already appearing in virtually any shop you walk into, we are heading towards that period of the year again…  Still, great to know our hobby never sleeps and is as strong as ever with great things promised for the months and year ahead. 

DC has a big year ahead with all things Green.  Green Lantern over the last few years has really come of age and sits more comfortably in the premiere DC stable which houses Batman and Superman.  With the Green Lantern movie due next year, it hopefully will help push this character further.  Now if only they can do a Flash on screen who doesn’t look like he’s wearing a fat suit.  Ok, on with it, a few interesting things on offer over the second part of the holiday season, full details here at CBR.  Check out the regular monthly titles too, nice promotion of the various logos for each title, reminds me of the month of ‘face’ covers DC did a few years back.


SHAZAM! AND STEEL ONE SHOTS – Back for one night (or issue) only are these stars who previously held their own series.  Also joining them in this singular spectacular are Starman/Congorilla and Wonder GirlAll four one shots offer a nice bit of reading of some popular characters to help you fill those days where you’ll just want to kick back and relax with some four colour magic.



WEIRD WORLDS #1 – This is one area where DC thrive, within the bounds of the ‘spandex’ comic genre, they push the envelope by doing something off beat.  Perhaps taking a riff from the serialised success that was Wednesday Comics, this 6 part series will offer a look at some familiar and new creations, sporting a sci-fi/monster theme structured with three serials per month of 10 pages each.  Headlining the series is fan favourite Lobo.



 BATMAN BEYOND #1 – You asked for it and they listened, from January TerryMcGinnis joins the stable of monthly Bat titles!  This first outing sounds pretty solid with an appearance from the Justice League!



THE FLASH #10 – Want to be in on a big storyline before it starts?  Here’s your chance with the next Geoff John’s mega story event – Flashpoint.  This issue will start to lay significant groundwork for the event that is approaching the Flash’s world.  Given the strength and quality of story that John’s delivered with the Blackest Night storyline in Green Lantern, this is well worth considering getting on for the ride.



All these and more will be available to order from the November Previews, due out in just over a week.