Alright, a massive roundup of the other three major publisher’s offerings for December 2010.  There are plenty of Christmas themed stories and specials too to help get you into the festive mood and carry you over the holiday break.  You can find the complete December solicitations details here at CBR for Dark Horse, Image, and Marvel.    Don’t forget to email me if you would like an electronic spreadsheet version of the current Previews to help with your ordering.  Enjoy!




MARINEMAN #1 – Ian Churchill who has done some fine work for Marvel brings his creator owned story of a man with a dual life.  By day a successful TV presenter and marine biologist, while under the waves he is MarineMan!  Wonder if he ‘knows’ Marina? 🙂



MICE TEMPLAR ,VOL. 3 #1 – Following on from two very successful series, Karic is back with the story reaching new heights in this highly critically acclaimed series mixing mice with mythology.




SANTA CLAUS VS. THE MARTIANS #1 (of 4) – I was sold just reading the title and none of the blurb.  How can this go wrong, its so insane sounding it’s brilliant.  Though it doesn’t say as such, this appears as though it will borrow heavily on War of the Worlds for structuring the Martian presence which is fine by me.  Want to create good Christmas memories for you and yours this Christmas?  Given it delivers on its potential, this may be a tale long remembered and recounted in your circle.




CONAN: ROAD OF KINGS #1 (of 6) – What’s striking about this new mini-series is that it’s written by Roy Thomas!  Roy returns to a character that he has helped cement in popular culture.  Crom!  You don’t want to miss this Conan spectacular.




LET ME IN: CROSSROADS #1 (of 4) – If you’re a fan of  the modern horror, you may well be interested in this prequel to the upcoming movie “Let Me In” from the director of Cloverfield.  I’ve seen the trailer for the movie and it looks promising.  Comic tie ins to movie are becoming more sophisticated, offering a better link between the two mediums and enhancing the story they tell.




ULTIMATE COMICS DOOM #1 (of 4) – All Ultimate universe titles have been building to this for a while and Marvel is promising it is going to deliver something quite special at the conclusion of this mini-series, something not seen before from Marvel.  High stakes indeed but Marvel over the last few years have rarely dropped the ball on these big events.



HEROES FOR HIRE #1 – Heroes for Hire is back, rising out of the ashes of the Shadowland event.  This may just be one of the most dysfunctional teams yet in the current Marvel universe, how will it survive with members like Punisher, Elektra, Ghost Rider and more.  These are all fairly loan-cowboy characters to begin with! 



 WHAT IF? #200 – So you know the drill with this classic title, it takes popular Marvel storylines and explores ‘what if’ things had turned out differently?   For this bi-centennial issue, two classic tales are looked at, one old, one new.  The first is what if Norman Osbourne had won the Siege of Asgard.  The other asks What if Galactus had been killed by the Watcher?  Not only is this notable for revising a classic Fantastic Four tale (The Coming of Galactus) but it is written by Marvel creator Stan Lee!


Orders for the October Previews officially close October 28.