Well well, December.  What a year it will have been.  Needless to say its been a good one comic wise with better substance and less glut than some previous years.  DC  will have a very interesting year ahead of them content wise and structurally as WB look to make some big changes.  The heartening thing to keep in mind is that they obviously value DC Comics (or DC Entertainment to be correct) as a breeding/testing ground for new material which can only be good for us as those deepish pockets should let creators do some interesting things.  Ok, December sees the big guns continue to fire on the Batman front and in the core titles around Brightest Day.  Apart from that its Annual and Specials time with many of the most popular titles getting some additional content for you to enjoy over the Christmas/New Year break.   Be sure to go through the list here at CBR so you don’t miss out.

GREEN LANTERN: LARFLEEZE CHRISTMAS SPECIAL #1 – Can’t get enough John’s Green Lantern goodness, then as a Christmas treat join the madness as the Orange Lanterns get to grips with the festive season, cue ensuing madness.



MAD SPECIAL: SPY VS. SPY #1 – Due to the tv series, this collection of classic Spy vs Spy (and some new) strips is offered for you pleasure.  Sure, we may have seen some of them before, but of all Mad’s successes, the Spys are arguably the best known creations to have leapt into popular culture and worthy of adorning your collection.

DETECTIVE COMICS ANNUAL #12 and BATMAN ANNUAL #28 – tying into the Batman Inc storyline, Bruce and Dick are on recruiting trip when they unsurprisingly get caught up in a bizarre case of murder and intrigue.  Should be a good ride and help flesh out the direction and theme of Batman Inc.



 BATMAN 80 PAGE GIANT and DCU HOLIDAY SPECIAL 2010 #1 – Giants and Specials and all good fun.  Batman 80 pg giant sees the villains of the bat-verse wrecking havoc on the writers and the Holidays special covers the likes of the Spectre, Superman, Jonah Hex and Green Lantern explore the variations of the holiday season in the DCU.