True believers, ’tis time for November’s offering from Marvel.  Ok, that’s pretty rubbish ‘Thor’ speak but come the movie’s release, no doubt it will be mimicked everywhere. 

There are some titles worth looking in November, so let’s get on with it.  CBR has the full details here.



TRON: ORIGINAL MOVIE ADAPTATION #1 (of 2) – I tried to watch the original Tron a few years back but just couldn’t get into it, largely due to its dated look.  Perhaps I didn’t give it a fair go but I find that unless you’ve watched such movies with forgiving kid’s eyes and memories, they are hard to find the magic in them.  Still, this sequel should at least visually have no problems ripping up the screen with LSD-like inducing effects.  Will the story hold up?  Not sure, but this adaption will be one way of finding out.



ASTONISHING THOR #1 (of 5) – With the upcoming movie and Matt Fraction doing amazing things on the core Thor title, Marvel believe you need another Thor title to tempt you.  This 5 part mini-series will see Thor battling the powers of mother nature, with an obligatory super villain adding to the mayhem.  Also check out elsewhere the Thor/Iron Man 4 part mini series starting this month.



ULTIMATE COMICS SPIDER-MAN #150 – The first of two Marvel titles celebrating an ‘anniversary’ issue this month.  Apparently it’s also 10 years since this title kicked off the Ultimate universe on an ususpecting public leading to the first issue becoming so ‘hot’ it was worth more that most books many decades older.  So, if you’ve been away, this might be a good one-off issue to drop in on Spidey and the crew and see what they’ve been up to for old time’s sake.  THUNDERBOLTS #150
is the other title with the birthday candles this month.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: MAN OUT OF TIME #1 (of 5) – Mark Waid returns to one of his favourite Marvel characters.  In this mini-series, Captain America will be brought forward in time to the present day to see if he can kick it with the same authority.



THUNDERSTRIKE #1 (of 5) – Eric Masterson was Thunderstrike in the 90’s before sacrificing himself.  Now, the mighty hammer we wielded is back, and that means a new Thunderstrike!  Join the carnage in this 5 part mini series.



Also you might want to check out the new Spider Girl #1, the mini series on Spidey villain Norman Osborn dealing with how he’s coping after the events of Siege.