Really one month away from the end of the year?  Well, that’ll be the truth come November.  Depending on your point of view, this will either scare the crap out of you or you may be welcoming it.  Anyhow, DC are looking to see out the end of 2010 on a high with some interesting titles, some taking classic characters in a very new direction.

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BATMAN, INC. #1 – So, this is one of the feathers in the cap of Grant Morrison’s grand design for his run on Batman.  The word is that ol’ pointy ears is going to be recruiting like-minded folk to his crusade, perhaps many donning a Bat suit…  Anyhow, this will be another interesting ride Morrison is writing so jump on, the craziness has only just started.



BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT #1 – Another new ongoing Bat title.  This one aims to deliver stories from the darker reaches of Batman’s environment and how that has, and continues, to shape him.  While there have been some other Bat series of a similar theme in the past, this will be worth a look due to David Finch helming the writer’s chair.



T.H.U.N.D.E.R. AGENTS #1 – A new series bringing a fresh take on a classic idea.  A group of strangers who face various challenges in life are offered the opportunity to suit up and become heroes and fight back against fate, making something of themselves.  The only drawback is their new powers will kill them.  Could be an good ride and it will be interesting how this ties into the classic series.



 ASSASSIN’S CREED: THE FALL #1 –  A 3 part mini-series that promises to tell a new tale in this popular game universe across multiple time periods.





WORLD OF WARCRAFT: CURSE OF THE WORGEN #1 – A new mini-series in this popular gaming comic.  This time, this 5 part series focuses on the lore of the Worgen.



 All this and more available to order in a couple of weeks with the release of the September Previews.