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Hi all,

Apologies for the spotty updates on the advance look at the August Previews. 

Since I haven’t previewed Marvel yet, we’ll take a quick run through some highlights.  Plus check out some cover shots at this CBR link.



Tron: The Betrayal #1 (of 2) – A tie-into the upcoming sequel to the 80’s classic.

CARNAGE #1 (of 5) – The warped version of Spidey and Venom makes a long overdue return and his time out won’t have improved his demeanour I’m sure.  Carnage will reign supreme in this mini-series.

ULTIMATE COMICS THOR #1 (of 4) –  A mini-series focusing on the Ultimate universe’s version of Thor.  Batter up…. Baron Zemo and some goose stepping goons to be put down.

IRON MAN BY DESIGN – A nice looking one shot that focuses the efforts of many artists showcasing what amazing creations Tony Stark has locked away in the vaults of Stark Industries.

DEADPOOLMAX #1 – Now though Deadpool is usually played for laughs, this will be interesting for two reasons.  One, it’s under the MAX label so it will be full on, no holds barred.  Secondly, David Lapham (Stray Bullets) is writing it so expect it to be well crafted.

Also don’t forget that Kick Ass 2 has started with #1 still reorderable (#2 in this month’s Previews)

So, check out what you want and get your orders to me.  Orders officially close Wednesday 25 August.