Ok late off the block but here we go straight into it for these DC October releases:



BRUCE WAYNE – THE ROAD HOME: ONE SHOTS One of the (multiple) releases of the month.  So many titles to choose from you’ll shoot milk out your nose!  Basically, Bruce is back.. really back and how will it all go down with Dick, Damian and the rest of the DC Universe.  These one-shot titles will tell that story, the final key issue being by Mr Morrison himself, Batman: The Return.


ACTION COMICS #894 – As per my earlier post, here is the issues where Vertigo’s Death in the DCU.  Sure to be a classic.




DC COMICS PRESENTS: Here they are, the first lot of issues to be released that are either rare in appearance or have never seen the light of day.  An unseen Ellis story ‘Shoot’, Superman, Batman, Jack Cross.  Something to interest many of you I would bet.   



RED TP – Back in print, this Warren Ellis classic sees a new lease of life telling the tale of espionage and crime as only Ellis can spin.  This is being adapted to the silver screen and October sees the release of a number of one-shot prequels to further expand this world.



While it looks quiet, its a solid month from DC with the return of Bruce Wayne sure to be the highlight.  Check out the full listings.