The rumors/inside track runners have started up well and truly ahead of the San Diego Comic Con.  Here’s a couple with plenty more to come:

  • IDW to publish all new Rocketeer material
  • DC to announce more Hollywood heavy hitters coming to write
  • The rise of 3D comics (eee-gad! is no where safe???)

There’ll be plenty more to come.  After the dust settles, we should have a number of awesome projects to look forward to, whatever your tastes.  For Star Wars fans, some big news will also come out of the upcoming Celebration V con later in August.

Oh and another reminder, if you’re on Facebook, add ol’ Dunedin Comics as a friend.  That way you would see the link I put up to an awesome 80’s inspired alternative intro for Firefly this morning 🙂  Such a simple jingle, bet it gets stuck in your head like the original.