I had mixed feelings when I read about this.  In October, Death (of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman fame) is to come calling on Lex Luthor in none other than Action Comics.   Not since Daniel appeared in a run of Morrison’s celebrated JLA has there been such a cross over between thce very core of the DCU and the Vertigo universe.  Frankly, I’m there and it doesn’t hurt that so far this has Gaiman’s thumbs up.  But, is this a desperate move to shake things up OR a master stroke of untapped potential that, carefully, could lead to many new fresh stories with established characters from both ‘universes’.  I believe it’s the latter, I try to be guarded against easy cynicism that’s creeps in as you get older and….wiser.  Writer Paul Cornell seems to be approaching his the right way, use Death such that it doesn’t cheapen her (i.e. don’t alter her) yet alter the traditional posturing of Lex while remaining true to his genius yet selfish nature. 

Too often Lex has been played as the monologuing villain too wrapped up in his own brilliance to notice the superheroes regrouping to topple him in the gripping finale of a climactic battle.    This ‘battle’ will be much more intimate and insightful and I actually think it may do more for the character of Luthor than perhaps for Death who, written well, can’t help but be entertaining and engaging. 

So, take note, this proposes to be a real ‘event’ in DC’s history.  If you’re interested in this, you may want to nab the September issue of Action Comics which I understand sets up Luthor’s position going into October’s encounter with Death.  What do you think, excitement or excrement?