The ‘Horse has had solid year thus far, with  some strong releases with their licensed properties (Star Wars, Predator, Aliens etc) as well as their original properties including some side lines such as licensed gelskings for phones and laptops etc. 

The month of September will be no different with a couple of really exciting releases.  Open the gates Pedro and lets ride…


BILLY THE KID’S OLD TIMEY ODDITIES AND THE GHASTLY FIEND OF LONDON #1 (of 4) – To me, this immediately (and not just because of the long name) strikes me as being in the vein of Leage of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Captain Swing and the Electrical Pirates of Cindery Island (well at least issue 1 since we’re still eagerly awaiting the ever growing late issue #2!).  The idea of taking historical non-fiction characters and weaving them into situations both historic and fictional and embellishing them is an exciting story telling mechanism that turns “What if?” into “What about?” which ups the ante on creativeness and boundaries as well as throwing out any relevant rule book.   So what are Dark Horse offering?  Billy the Kid, Victorian London (always a great setting), The Ripper, The Elephant Man = an intriguing tale that has to be seen.  This should be a ripping yarn and being from Dark Horse, I hope this one will be timely as that is only thing that detracts from the other two aforementioned titles so far. 

BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER #36: LAST GLEAMING part 1 (of 5) – This is it Buffy fans, the final issues of the comic based ‘Season 8’ of Buffy.  Hats off to this enduring property which has easily predated the world’s recent love affair with all things pointy toothed and angsty (that’d be a Vampire).  Creator Joss Whedon is of course is back to steer the fate of arguably his most famous creations to their ultimate fate.


SERENITY: SHEPHERD’S TALE – Another character from one of Whedon’s other famous creation, Serenity, is fleshed out further in this one shot (similar to the recent ‘Float Out’ one shot that spotlighted Wash).  Joss’ brother Zack is on board as writer that will chart the past of this popular Serenity character.


THE TERMINATOR: 1984 #1 (of 3) The Whedon’s sure are busy.  Zack Whedon has been doing a bit of work with the Terminator property.  He’s back again to help flesh out the events right before the first Terminator movie as Kyle Reese searches for one Sarah Connor.



 THE WEDNESDAY CONSPIRACY – This is a translated (for the first time) tpb that sounds promising.  Essentially, a collection of characters with varying ‘powers’ that are misunderstood, unwanted etc. are forced into a brotherhood as something or someone begins to eliminate them.  Of course, it is up to them to make a stand and save the world.  It is recommended to those who like Buffy and The Umbrella Academy.  If you’re looking for something familiar but with with a fresh approach, this European translation may do it for you.  

XERXES LITHOGRAPH – Not everything you buy needs to rest on your bookshelf.  Display what you like where you and friends and loved ones can appreciate your great take every day!  This lithograph is by Frank Miller and depicts his imagined Xerxes which will feature in his up-coming prequel to 300.  For a US$25, this is a nice piece of affordable art that will look spectacular with some complementary framing.  If you feel inclined, there is also a signed and number version available for order too.