Kick.  Ass.  2.  Yes, along the return of our Booty Booting hero, here are all the Marvel listings for September over at our friends CBR.  There are a number of interesting releases from the House of Ideas in September, some of titles in full flight and some ready to launch.  Interesting the ‘X’ corner of the Marvel Universe is getting a bit of attention with numerous origin stories and new series staring up, such as Wolverine.  As always, interesting times…  Let’s have a closer look:

VALKYRIE #1 – This is notable as it is the writer’s (Byran J L GlassThe Mice Templar) Marvel debut and he’s straight into the big stuff dealing with the rebirth of Valkyrie following on from the events in Avengers: Disassembled.  Glass is also debuting with THOR: FIRST THUNDER #1 (of 5), a new look at the origin of Thor, the Thunder God.


CAPTAIN AMERICA: PATRIOT #1 & 2 (of 4) – Karl Kessel, who did amazing work on Superboy back in the 90’s is taking this look at Cap and what it takes to make the gig work.  In this stand alone series, a reporter is inspired to take up the mantle of The Patriot in tribute to Captain America.  When Captain America dies, the Patriot is asked to step it his shoes..  Kessel will be looking at the issue: does the man inside the mask make Captain America or does the mask make the man?   

SHADOWLAND: ELEKTRA #1 – No Daredevil story this big could do without the appearance of Elektra.  Unsurprising, as it appears ol’ Hornhead is going to sink into uncharted darkness, Elektra is going to come and find out why.    Also starting this month is SHADOWLAND: GHOST RIDER #1 as he joins in the battle for New York.   Both are one-shots.


INVADERS #1 (of 5) – Alex Ross continues to revitalise characters and concepts from yesteryear with a modern perspective and setting.  The Invaders were a WWII super group made up of  characters, some which are still the power house of today’s Marvel universe, Captain America and The Sub Mariner as well as the Golden Age Vision, The original Human Torch and more.  Ross is co-writer as well as providing the covers.

WOLVERINE #1 – There’s not many comics more exciting than a Wolverine first issue so Marvel obliges starting this new series.  What is Wolverine to you?  In this telling we will see there is more than the physical beast, but also a beast with a soul.  unfortunately, his soul is heading to hell and his body is on a rampage.  Sounds like trouble at mill!  You may also like to check out the one-shot WOLVERINE: THE ROAD TO HELL #1 which will signpost upcoming events for Wolverine as well as other clues about the X universe.

KICK-ASS 2: BALLS TO THE WALL #1 (of 6) No, that’s not the cover image (it’s not available at time of writing) but we know what to expect.  The maniac Mark Millar is back continuing where the last series left off.  Hit Girl is being trained by Kick Ass and the Red Mist is plotting his revenge.  You know you want to, you know if will be violent and offensive so join in the fun and order now!