DC up first this month, with all their September goodness listed in full here at CBR.  There are lots of interesting tpb/HC collections offered which must mean it will be time to think about Christmas!.  On with it:


As I highlighted earlier in the month, DC is releasing a suite of one-off issues from some of their classic war titles.  If you want to relive some of the best of times by some of today’s great creators do your self a favour and sign up for Weird War Tales (Darwyn Cooke), Our Fighting Forces (B. Clay Moore), Our Army at War (Mike Marts), G.I. Combat (Matt Sturges), Star Spangled War Stories (William Tucci).  It’s your duty son.

NEW TEEN TITANS: GAMES HC – An unreleased story from the 80’s by the super-team of the day Marv Wolfman and George Perez!  I’m unsure as yet why this unreleased gem hasn’t seen the light of day but here it is for you to own in a glorious HC format.  Set in the 80’s when New Teen Titans was hipper than the all the attendants of Woodstock combined, this appears to hold true to the art style of the time and will act as a time machine taking you back to an era when the only oil the Gulf of Mexico had seen was that used for tanning on the beaches.  This will be released in November but is solicited now for order.  Treat yourself for Christmas 🙂

JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA SPECIAL #1 – From slightly out of left field, this JSA special is a companion piece of sorts to last years JSA storyline that complemented the original Kingdom Come.  This special will deal with how the JSA and JSA All Stars react when the see the beginning events of Kingdom Come start to play out.  Magog decides not to join the efforts of either team and becomes their enemy.  Perhaps this will seal the fate of Kingdom Come coming to pass?  If you love Kingdom Come, and you missed the earlier JSA run, it is now available to order in Tpb.  Let me know if you’re interested as it is an excellent story (James Robinson) and a true companion piece.  This special should complete the story….for now.

LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES: THE GREAT DARKNESS SAGA DELUXE EDITION HC – November is shaping up as a great month for quality HC releases.  One of Paul Levitz finest Legion storylines is collected here specifically issues #284-296 and Annual #1.  Some of these issues have never been reprinted before which is unusual given DC  reprint archive.  If you have the Crisis on Infinite Earths HC (and even if you don’t) this will look stunning on your shelf. 


VICTORIAN UNDEAD TP – This collects the recent 6 part series.  The short: A meteor shower brings a zombie virus to the mid 19th century London, home of one Sherlock Holmes.  The Secret Service are stretched to control the outbreak after 20 years which is where are favourite classical sleuth and his trust sidekick Watson come into the picture.  Zombies are going to be the new Vampire (well, not quite but the upcoming Walking Dead TV adaption is sounding promising).  Fun and gore, what more do you want?

RATCHET AND CLANK #1 – One of two new ‘game’ related comics this month (the other being THE TELARA CHRONICLES based ont he MMORPG).  This 6 part mini series will no doubt appeal to fans of the franchise in what appears to be an original story. 



BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM SERIES 2 ACTION FIGURES – Because one series was never going to be enough.  Series 2 renders in fine plastic more awesome characters from the epic game.  Zsasz, Bane, Poison Ivy and Armoured Batman.  These ship February 2011 so again plenty of time to save up.  Along with the first series (orders open now), these will kick boot-tae on your whatever you want to put them on.