coverOn downhill slope to Christmas (kidding!), but the year really is moving on come August and that’s exactly when we’re talking about with the release of the June Previews for comics releasing in August.  Aside from those titles we’ve already looked at more closely, let’s check out some more recommendations.





Neonomicon – Alan Moore – From Avatar Press this all-new new horror piece is from Alan Moore (wish he’d hurry up and write some more League!).  This is in the vein of Lovecraftian horror and is a sequel to graphic novel, The Courtyard (also available to order).  If you love Moore, and like/love horror of the dark and twisted variety, then this will likely tick all the boxes for you and be a must add to your bookshelf.  This is a 4 part mini-series with art by Jacen Burrows.

Speaking of the next volumes (parts 2 (1968) and 3 (2008) of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen :Century, the publisher (Top Shelf Comics) doesn’t feature either issues on their schedule till sometime from 2011!  Moore did discuss that these wouldn’t be rushed but I had hoped we’d see one per year.  However, if we get both in 2011 I won’t complain too much.  So, Neonomicon is a bit of a treat in that Moore’s comic output is fairly low these days so this is a rare chance to get your fix of all new Moore work.

The Last Phantom – The Ghost Who Walks returns, reinvented for today’s audience.  Usually, this sort of promotion would give one cause to worry.  However, this redesign is by Alex Ross, so you can bet the care and attention that’s gone into this project will be thoughtful and to serve the character first and foremost.  Alex Ross will provide the cover art for the first three issues.  Scott Beatty is on writing duties with art by Eduardo Ferigato.  


DC Direct Killzone Series 1 <b>Set of 2 Action Figures</b> [Helghast Assault Infantry & Helghast Sniper] <br><font color="#FF0000"><b><i>(Advance Order ships January)</i></b></font>DC Direct bring us two awesome game related figure releases, Batman Arkham Asylum and Killzone.  Batman features Batman, Scarecrow, Harley and Joker with Scarface.  The Joker is shaping up to be one of the best Joker figure yet.  For Killzone, you can choose between the Helghast Sniper and the Assault Infantry.  Figures can be ordered individually so if you want one (or more) just let me know!   Both sets are not released till January 2011 so plenty of time to save up or pay them off before they arrive.

Don’t forget to check out the recent emails/blog posts for the highlights from DC, Image, Dark Horse and Marvel (particularly Marvel Universe vs The Punisher and the TPB of Kick Ass) . 

Orders close Thursday June 24.