You’re a Marvel Zombie, through and through.  Excelsior! and all that.  Or, perhaps you’re a strict cave dweller, aloof and non-talkative – just like your hero Batman.  The reality is most of us aren’t anywhere as fanatical as that.  Sure, we probably all side more heavily with either Marvel or DC or perhaps even avoid these two and follow the smaller companies efforts but no doubt when we see something we like, who publishes is, to a degree, irrelevant.  Coming to the point of my post, there is a nice article discussing just such a topic over at CBR you might enjoy checking out and seeing if anything registers with your experience as a comic reader.  Regardless of where any loyalties may lie, I’d say we’d all agree that many publishers are in a golden period producing a good range and some steller works to suit all tastes.   Case in point, though I’m probably a DC life-member fanboy, I’ll be lining up in August for Marvel Universe vs The Punisher for sure.   Excelsior!