Alrighty, Marvel time true believers.  One thing that interests me lately looking at Marvel’s releases, the amount of Deadpool titles.  I know Deadpool has always been a popular, comical character but can he really carry that many titles?  This month there are four and I’m sure previous months have had more.  Not bagging the man but just makes me curious, I’ll take notice next time I’m reading Diamond’s top 100 for the month and see if any of them feature.  Back to business, see the full August listings here at CBR.

Some interesting bit and pieces in August, let’s check ’em out:

ULTIMATE COMICS AVENGERS 3 #1 (of 6) – Mark Millar’s back with another mini-series of Ultimate Avengers.  Monster of the year (that would be the Vampire) makes an appearance which means our ol’ buddy Blade is in the house, can I get a woop woop?  No?  Ok, but this should be a decent read so consider yourself advised.


AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #640 & #641 – The big man at Marvel, Joe Quesada is writing these himself given One Moment in Time’s importance.  These, they promise, will answer all your questions this ‘reset’ storyline has raised and free Marvel to take Spiderman off in a new direction.

SPIDER-GIRL: THE END! #1 – Marvel has done a few of these ‘The End’ one-shots for characters such as The Hulk and X-Men and they’ve generally been well received given they allow a bit of creative license without infringing on current continuity.  Spider-Girl as a series has constantly punched well above its weight so I’d expect this will do very well and that Tom DeFalco will do it justice.


AVENGERS & THE INFINITY GAUNTLET #1 (of 4) Only a few years ago this may have been THE big storyline for Marvel which just shows how far comics have come to not have this their title of the month/year.  Thanos, Infinity Gems and Gauntlet and the Avengers.  It doesn’t get much more cosmic in the Marvel universe so expect this to be full on and if nothing else, fun.

SHADOWLAND – The Daredevil focused event hits its second issue and is joined by a one-shot (Shadowland: Bullseye) and three companion mini-series. 

DAREDEVIL: BLACK & WHITE #1 –   A nice looking one-shot done in black and white.  Marvel are going for the nostalgic heart-string here but done well this could look very classy and work well.  The cover alone looks like vintage Marvel magic.

MARVEL UNIVERSE VS. THE PUNISHER #1 & 2 (of 4) – Now this looks awesome.  My first thoughts reading the blurb was this is another Punisher vs the Marvel Universe (a classic Garth Ennis tpb that’s well worth getting if you don’t have it!)  However, this time instead of the Punisher having gone el-loco, everyone, heroes to villains and in between have become effectively el-loco cannibals.  Five years on only one man stands against the hordes – Frank Castle!  Surely to goodness, this can’t miss, it would make a hell of a movie, all they need to do is put the Punisher in the next 28 Days sequel and they’d be halfway there.  But we can see it first in this 4 part series. 

NEW MUTANTS FOREVER #1 (of 5) – Chris Claremont writing this will attract a lot of buyers before they’ve even read the plot.  Given Claremont co-created this team it will be interesting to see what he does with them all these years on.  Note that Bill Sienkiewicz is on cover art duty.


KICK-ASS TPB – For the first time in softcover, the comic that spawned the hit movie is back for you to discover how it all started.  This Mark Millar masterpiece collects all 8 issues and will sit comfortably beside everything from Sandman to Preacher to Kingdom Come but standout on its own.