Hello!  Good to see you again.  Now you’re here, let’s talk about some of what DC has on offer for the month of August 2010.  Afterwards, feel free to browse this full listing over at CBR.

I get the feeling that, though DC are in the middle of some big events (Return of Bruce Wayne, Brightest Day), those master minds, such as Geoff Johns, are busy sowing the seeds for some events to play out over the next year or three.  Thinking aloud, it’s nice to see that Bruce Wayne as a character is getting some attention in the aforementioned series above.  When you think about it, I guess it makes sense because Batman as a character hasn’t been absent, Dick’s been filling in just fine.  I hope Grant Morrison in tackling The Return of Bruce Wayne is able to give some focus on the Bruce Wayne side of Bruce, not just his ‘Bat’ personality.  Enough free-fall thinking, let’s have a look at these….

SUPERMAN: EARTH ONE HC – I touched on these a few months back.  This is  novel approach by DC to tell some ‘alternate’ earth stories using main characters.  What I like about the format is these are self contained books, no mini-series or ongoing commitments with some high production values.  Obviously they’re priced accordingly but with the effort being put in, hopefully your expenditure will be rewarded.  Lending gravitas to this release is that it’s penned by J Michael Straczynski.   Yes, it is a another retelling of Superman but aren’t many of them?  The premise is what if Superman was introduced into our world of today?  How would he deal being a younger man in today’s fast, modern world and how would this ultimately shape him?  Would the Kents be able to mold him with strong moral values with all the pressures a modern world brings today raising kids?  Interesting stuff.

GREEN LANTERN: EMERALD WARRIORS #1 – Guy Gardner up to no good again and rocking the boat that is the good ship Green Lantern Corps.   Guy’s on a mission into the unknown sectors and if history teaches us anything, it’s that Gardner = trouble.



SUPERMAN: THE LAST FAMILY OF KRYPTON #1 – Nice to see an ‘elseworlds’ tale on the shelf.  Yes, another retelling of the Superman origin in this 3 part mini-series.  The spin on this one is that when Kal-El was sent from a dying planet, there was room this time for his parents to come for the ride.  How will this affect how Kal-El grows up, will he become Superman at all let alone Clark Kent?

SUPERMAN/BATMAN #75 – Funny how 25/75 are counted as anniversary issues, still there you go.  A bit of a tour-de-force.  Paul Levitz writes the main story where the Legion of Super Heroes are alerted to a threat by Lex Luthor in the past.  The jump into action but need to seek help from Batman and Superboy.   There will also be a host of back up features that sound fun and have some big talent behind them so this should be well worth the price of admission.

IDES OF BLOOD #1 – A roman conquered Transylvania is our trigger for believing that vampyres may have been the undocumented, historical slaves of Rome!  An interesting idea given the popularity of a) Vampires (or Vampyres – are they an exotic sort?) and b) Sandal wearing tough guys and gals eg. 300, Spartacus etc. etc.  a 6 issue mini-series that may have some bite.

BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM SERIES 1 ACTION FIGURES – Woah, check these out.  These are some of the best Batman figures I’ve seen in a while – particularly the Joker!  These will scorch on top of your PS3/Xbox, PC or shelf while you play the sequel.  Releasing January 2011 so plenty of time to save up for all four!  Contact me for pricing.