A few decent offering from the Horse for the month of August.  More Gold Key/Valiant title revivals,  big Star Wars releases and plenty of everything else to satisfy a range of tastes.  You can check out the full list here at our friends at CBR.

Just a note that I’ll have a new, updated backlist catalogue as of next week which will list all tpbs currently available through the Star System including all Dark Horse’s back catalogue.  So if you are after a particular title, or would like to have a browse through it, let me know.

On with the highlight reel…

1 for $1 Program – Dark Horse are offering 12 reprints (6 this month, 6 I expect next month) of #1 issues from some of their biggest titles for a measly $1 (US dollar that is).  If you want to check out some Aliens v. Predator, The Goon, Sin City, Usagi Yojimbo, Hellboy or Conan for a bargain, here’s your chance! 

BALTIMORE: THE PLAGUE SHIPS #1 (of 5) – The first of two big new releases from Mike Mignola this month.  This one is not Hellboy title, instead it is about a post-WWI Europe overrun by vampires (there’s those Vampires again…)  Mignola’s champion is a war hero, Lord Henry Baltimore who goes in search of the cause of this invasion.  This is based on a novel Mignola wrote with Christopher Golden.  It promises to be both epic and dark with some very crisp and moody black and white art.  Good to see some Vampires and (hopefully) no teenage angst in sight!

 B.P.R.D.: HELL ON EARTH—NEW WORLD #1 (of 5) – This mini-series is set post the Frog-War which, as a result of its actions, has left the BPRD under the close scrutiny of the UN!  I like the sound of this getting back to some BPRD basics with monsters stealing people from the night and a new threat rising to bring new chaos to the world and a headache to our heroes.

MAGNUS, ROBOT FIGHTER #1 – Magnus was one of the central characters in both Gold Key and, in particular, Valiant’s storylines.  Magnus is set in a future earth in a city known as North Am where robots have become very advanced and serve every whim of their human masters.  However, as is apt to happen, some find other uses for their robotic talents, particular criminals who need to be stopped but how do you stop robots gone bad?  Magnus, that’s how!

STAR WARS: BLOOD TIES—A TALE OF JANGO AND BOBA FETT #1 (of 4) –  A tale for every Father and Son to relish.  This promises not to be just a tale of the Fett’s on tour but also that the actions of Jango will later affect the future of the older and more grizzled Boba Fett.  Adding to the appeal is that this will be a fully painted mini-series so it should look pretty sharp.

STAR WARS: THE FORCE UNLEASHED II – This tpb release promises not only to adapt the story of the upcoming game but expand on it.  Haden Blackman (author of The Force Unleashed) returns to this property to provide us with the next chapter in this series which deals with the actions of the Emperor and Vader after the close of the first game.  With the Clone Wars taking a break before Season III and still no word yet on  a live action series, this will be the Star Wars event for 2010.

Also don’t forget there are plenty of other ongoing and mini-series underway, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Hellboy: The Storm, Solar: Man of the Atom.  Order will officialy open in a couple of weeks with the release of the June Previews but feel free as always to get your orders in before hand.