News in over the weekend is that NBC has pulled the plug on Heroes.  For those of you who may have still watched the show, this would not have come as a total surprise.  What started out with a lot of promise slowly became more of a  chore to watch but, every now and again, it would deliver on its potential which is what kept folks coming back for more.  Poor scheduling (TVNZ excels at this with pop culture programming), a Writer’s Strike and a poorly structured season 3 are the main culprits for its passing.  Still, I for one am somewhat disappointed as yet again another show you’ve invested time into comes up short.  I’m particularly peeved we’ll never get to see the ‘future bad-ass Hiro’ that was briefly seen in Season 1. 

It seems a trend in recent times that these hit drama shows either go on for too long or are cut too short.  Does all the blame lie with the mainly US networks and their ratings based reasoning? However, should we also share the blame?  Is our attention span at fault, has the internet spoiled us for instance gratification so much that we are now too quick to dismiss what doesn’t rock our world within the first episode?  I wonder how Lost would fair if it was to start now?  Lost as we all know is the show you either love on hate, and even the lovers seem to be breathing a sigh of relief at the upcoming finale. 

With Lost, I have enjoyed the ride, not really caring to ‘crack’ the story but istead I’ve enjoyed the style of character building and the slow revelation of the plot.  Sure, its been an exercise in patience at times, but I like the writers have taken the time to explore the characters.  But I agree its time to wrap things up.  Am I expecting a hell of a twist at the end?  Not really, but I’ll be pleased if they can pull one out on us.   Maybe the greatest success of  Lost has been that through some ups and downs it has done what few pop culture based shows now achieve, tell a story till the writers say enough, not the ratings.

So it’s farewell Hiro and co, it was fun – perhaps we’ll see you back in the comic medium where your inspiration was born.