coverHi all. Here we are, it’s Previews time again and that means a good time! The May Previews features all the releases scheduled for July. I’ve previewed DC, Marvel and Dark Horse on the blog, so let’s have a look at the July offerings from Image and IDW. IDW have now obtained ‘Premiere’ status in the hallowed pages of the Previews tomb!


True Blood #1 – If you like your Vampire tales extra saucy and violent, then you’re probably already a die-hard fan of this series which will soon start up season 3. IDW now bring you more of this series with their own magical flare and bite! Adding to this sure fire hit is co-creator Alan Ball will be contributing to the scripting.

Dr Who Annual 2010 – For all us Time Lord followers!


ARTIFACTS #1 – A TOP COW extravaganza! This is the Cow’s answer to DC and Marvel’s recent mega-storylines. Featuring Witchblade and The Darkness, this storyline they promise has been building over the last 5 years! Impressive it they can deliver, check it out.

LADY ROBOTIKA #1 – Rock and Roll mayhem fantasy in space. A nano-bot infected Rock star (abducted by Aliens) turns the tides when she learns to control the ‘bots in her blood and gets medieval on her oppressors. Sounds so bad it could be great! SWEETS #1 (of 5) – Something more serious and sinister here, a serial killer is chalking up kills in New Orleans on the eve of Hurricane Katrina. If you like your crime stories dark, this dark subject matter should hit the mark set against the backdrop of a true life tragedy.

DAWN: NOT TO TOUCH THE EARTH (ONE-SHOT) – Very big in the 90’s, Linsner’s Dawn got perhaps unfairly lumped in with the whole ‘Bad Girl’ craze. Still, it got him attention such that Dawn was a big ‘small press’ hit. Dawn is back in this one-shot set in Faerie mythology. If you were ever a fan of this charming lady, its time you paid her another visit.

MIDNIGHT NATION TRADE PAPERBACK – Great to see this back in print, Midnight nation was among some of Straczynski’s first comic work (along with Rising Stars) and this was excellent storytelling. If you’re a fan of anything he’s done, you could do much worse than giving this a try.


Dark Horse: Hellboy whips up storm in the last part of a story trilogy, Dr Horrible gets collected with all new material, Dr Solar and Jim Shooter join forces once again – this time at the ‘Horse! And from the upcoming game, Star Wars: Old Republic #1 (of 6)

DC: Rediscover your fondness for Maulder and Scully in X File/30 Days of Night, Brightest Day shines on The Atom in a special one-shot, On Batman: Streets of Gotham, will we see the last of Hush?, Neal Adams returns to Batman

Marvel: All new X-Men (series anyhow), MiracleMan returns with vintage flare, A shadow crosses over Dare Devil in the Shadowland mini-series, and more amazing changes ahead for the Amazing Spider-man. The range of storylines and quality has never been better.

There is something for you in this offerings, make sure you take the time to take it all in. Order close Thursday May 28th.