Alright, we get to July and see that the big storylines like Brightest Day and the Return of Bruce Wayne are well underway as well as some other significant storylines such as Batman Beyond, new starts for Superman and Wonder Woman (under the sage eyes of James Robinson and J. Michael Straczynski respectively), and a host of others.  You’d be well recommended to peruse through the full list here over at CBR.  Also, Robot 6 has posted a closer look at some of the standout titles for DC in July that’s also worth a read to make sure you don’t miss anything – read it here after of course reading my humble comments 🙂

On with the show:

BRIGHTEST DAY: THE ATOM SPECIAL #1 – The Atom is one of those DC characters that has struggled to break into the top tier though he has been used to great effect in team books.  DC is looking to do some exciting things to elevate his role and status in the DCU and supposedly it all starts in this tie-in special.  Don’t underrate the wee fella, he can be used to dynamic effect – for example refer to Grant Morrison’s JLA run.  This story continues in Adventure Comics #516.

BATMAN: ODYSSEY #1 – Holy Bat Artist!  It’s the legendary Neal Adams back on writing and art duties with a character he is very well acquainted with.  This the first of two, 6-part mini-series.  The plot has shades of Knightfall but it’ll be interesting to see where this takes the Bat.

BATMAN: STREETS OF GOTHAM #14 – If you’ve read Hush and Heart of Hush, you’ll want to be on board for this, the start of the final act of Tommy Elliot’s vendetta against Bruce Wayne.  Paul Dini is again on board to tell this tale and it will be interesting how this is handled with no Bruce Wayne in the picture…


TIME MASTERS: VANISHING POINT #1 – This ties in to the Return of Bruce Wayne storyline. Vanishing Point last came to my attention in the early 90’s crossover Zero Hour where all time was being erased.  Something again is tearing time a new one and it links in no small way to the disappearance of Bruce Wayne.   Billed as a companion series to the Return of Bruce Wayne this could be well worth a look as it is written by Superman-Killer Dan Jurgens.

X-FILES/30 DAYS OF NIGHT #1 – Oh look, more vampires 🙂  Actually I’ll give this 6 part mini-series some serious attention as I liked the movie (30 Days) and was a fan of the TV series back in the day.  Our two favourite agents are sent to Alaska and unsurprising find themselves detecting all is not well in this sleepy town.   Co-written by 30 Days creator Steve Niles, I’m betting some bug-eyed aliens won’t be too far from the plotline and it could be one of the better X-Files tales yet.