And into the second half of the year, it’s Dark Horse in front by a nose (well, with release updates anyhow).  Welcome all to the second half of the year!  That first half, where did it go?  Well, that’s what we’ll be saying when these releases, available in the May Previews, arrive come July!   Without further ado, lets looks at some of the standout titles to temp your spending arm…



DR. HORRIBLE TPB – For those of you with a fine taste in the slightly off beat- this is for you.  This volume collects all the material and more which is based on the web-series Dr Horrible’s Sing-along-Blog.  Not only do you get the first issue of Dr Horrible and the three digital comics from the MySpace Dark Horse Presents but also a new sixteen page look at ‘The Evil League of Evil’!  Now if that’s not one of the best villain team names ever.  Joss’ younger brother Zack Whedon has hit gold with this off beat series, and nice to see he hasn’t needed to repeat his brother’s success by utilising a vampire, possibly one of the most over-used monster-types of the moment.

DOCTOR SOLAR, MAN OF THE ATOM #1 – Dr Solar finds a new home at Dark Horse.  Having had successful series at Gold Key and later in the early to mid ’90s at Valiant, Solar rejoins with the man who made him famous at Valiant, Jim Shooter!   Anyone who knows some comic history will know that having Shooter on a title means it is worth giving some attention to.  Not only is Shooter bringing Solar back re-imagined, but also he’ll be later bringing in his other Gold Key ‘friends’ Magnus Robot Fighter and Turok Son of Stone.  If Shooter can recapture even some of the magic he wove at Valiant, this could be some of the best stuff Dark Horse releases this year.

HELLBOY: THE STORM #1 (of 3) – This series wraps up the story arc started by Darkness Calls and The Wild Hunt that saw Mignola and Fegredo join forces to bring you this all new Hellboy yarn.  






To coincide with the upcoming Sin City 2 movie, these new editions have been released to cash in on the excitement.  If you don’t have these in your collection and you’re a fan of the movie, here’s your chance to add some class to your bookshelves.  The Hard Goodbye was the centre story for the first film as will be A Dame to Kill For in the sequel.    These editions are also noteworthy as they’ll feature brand new cover art from Frank Miller himself.

 STAR WARS: THE OLD REPUBLIC #1 (of 6) –  This mini-series will lead in to the hugely anticipated game to be released from Bioware in the near future.  The setting is the Sith are struggling to break into the core worlds, so they propose to negotiate a truce with the republic.  But of course being Sith, there can be no truce, only deception!  Rob Chestney is not only the author of this mini-series but also one of the writers on the game which should make for good continuity for those keeping score at home.