A good time to be a Marvel zombie (I mean fan) isn’t it?  With popular characters jumping to the silver screen at a rate of at least one a year, never have Marvel fans been so spoiled for choice AND have all their friends become zombified.  Speaking of which, if you’re an Iron Man fan, check out the deluxe version of the AC/DC filled Iron Man 2 soundtrack.  It includes a special edition of Invincible Iron Man #1 with a new cover, and back cover drawn by Angus Young!   Full June release details here at CBR.

Ok, on with Cyril and don’t spare the mutants! 

MARVELMAN CLASSIC PRIMER #1 – Can’t kick of things and not mention this.  While this isn’t the start of any new Marvelman series, because of such a long absence of Marvelman material, this will be important for a lot of people curious to find out just why this figure has been so enduring and his return more eagerly anticipated than, well,  a highly anticipated thing.  There will be commentary from previous writers (including Neil Gaiman), and all the info you need to get up to speed.

HERALDS #1-5 (of 5) – Before the Silver Surfer, their was a …. chick!  That’s right, Galatus’ previous Herald was a female not to be messed with but who gave up her life so the universe might live…except her sacrifice was slightly unappreciated and abandoned to this fate.  Her return has her fired up and squaring off against the who’s who of the first ladies of the Marvel Universe.  This obviously ties into the Woman of Marvel push and good on them for letting the women get a turn in the spotlight.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #634 – 636 – Hmm, the family of Kraven the Hunter are out for revenge.  Kraven has been at the centre of several classic Spidey tales and thought he is ‘dead’, this may yet prove to be another one.  Marvel are promising this will be the start of a much talked about storyline.  Given it’s written by Joe Kelly that may not be an empty claim.


SPIDER-HAM 25TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL #1 – Spider Pig, Spider Pig… Well, this isn’t the one Homer was singing about but I’m sure a lot of people will tink it is.  Nope, this is the original swine of the Marvel Universe and he’s not taking prisoners.



NEW AVENGERS #1 – The NEW Avengers by Brian Michael Bendis.  See a new line-up and new headquarters as a new chapter begins in THE Marvel super team.

AVENGERS PRIME #1 (of 5) – What, a new Avengers mini-series already.  Yes true believer, and what’s notable about his is not only is it written by Bendis, but it’s drawn by Alan Davis.  Worth the price of admission alone.    This story deals with the need for Thor, Iron Man and Steve Rogers to reunite though their trust in each other has been tested by the events in Siege.


THE THANOS IMPERATIVE #1 (of 6) – Marvel’s next cosmic scale event kicks off here.  Imagine if you will an alternative universe where death does not exist… get a bit crowed me thinks.  So, using the weakest point (the fault) that universe is invading the Marvel Universe to acquire some new and much-needed real estate.  But the heroes have a plan in the form of Thanos, who just happens to be an advocate for death so it will be interesting to see how this plays out.  The creative team of Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning are getting some very positive press so this may be a lot of fun. 

THOR #611 – Verily, you should take note mortal for this title is now under the control of one Matt Fraction!  Fraction is one of Marvel’s newest super scribes currently tearing up with his work on Invincible Iron Man.  A great time to jump on board as a brand new direction is charted for this God and his home of Asgard.

That should do it, go and check out all the Marvel goodness, there are some great storylines going across the range of titles.  Don’t forget Warren Ellis’ 5 part story X-Men: XenoGenesis starts in May, #1 is sill available for order.